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(trailer review) - Secret Invasion

There has been a few Marvel Cinematic Universe shows that have been really good, a very small few that have been brilliant and some, just ok. With that said, one of my favourite MCU movies as a standalone movie, possible the best out of the entirety of the MCU, is Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Espionage Thriller. This looks like it is following in the same vein and I LOVE IT!

There has been some speculation as to when Nick Fury left earth and we might get a response to that now with this show. I call, since Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Nick Fury has not been on earth, but it seems he has now returned, looking grizzled trying to uncover a threat and trying to stop a secret invasion by himself, because we do not know, who is who and who to trust. Looks EXCELLENT!


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