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(episode review) - She-Hulk: Episode 7

We are now 7 episodes deep and I have my positives and negatives about this episode. The show has an overarching plot regarding Jen's blood. This was set up in the very first episode when Bruce destroys the blood in the test tubes. He even says as much.

The other element to this episode is the Abomination angle. Emil Blonski is demonstrating he is a changed man and is working on himself and helping others with their issues. In turn this help Jen with herself. All this I did not mind at all, but the other characters in the show felt a little nonsensical or rather, I was not a fan of the character designs or portrayals as they felt forced and sloppy.  Whilst the comedy is good in places, the character designs reminded me of cosplay and I think, for the most part, we could have had better, whilst I do understand that they do not have the budget. Are these mutants? What would the X-Men look like when it's all said and done?

The story behind the episode was good and as usual, the music is great. The comedy element was not bad at all...or should I say, not terrible as I did have a few laughs, but I just felt, maybe the show should make more of a stronger b-line for the overarching plot at this point of the series. Plus, some elements of the show is too predictable or at least, the reveal at the end of this episode.


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