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(trailer review) - Star Wars: Andor


There was a trailer not long ago for this, albeit a teaser trailer which gave us a little tease of what is to come from Lucas film and the Star Wars franchise. However, whilst I knew about this show a good while back, I was not sure if I really cared. Let us be honest now, the Star Wars franchise has not really offered anything that has been really really good. Of late and in reverse order, Kenobi was good, but not great, Boba Fett was ok until Din showed up and then it was great. The Mandalorian is really good, although the second season, even with the additions, felt a little bit like a fetch quest, but overall, this show pretty much wiped the floor with everything that has been Star Wars of late due to how it has been delivered. This trailer? This trailer looks like it packs quite a punch to force the franchise into a new and different direction and I am here for it. Furthermore, this trailer also makes the mind Boggle as to the quality and look of this show in comparison to Boba Fett, as an example.

Although I initially watched this trailer in silence, the trailer did enough to move my needle and get me interested in this show more than I even thought I would be. You saw 'Rogue One' right? A decent film although some elements of it was a little hammy, but I really enjoyed the war element to it. Also, with that said and having seen Rogue One, one of the issues with this show will be, anyone newly introduced is likely to die and anyone we already know (due to timelines and such) is likely to survive. But with that said there is an element of intrigued and this trailer plays on that a great deal. Let's just hope the execution of this is quality because it surely looks it, visually. If this delivers, fans will not complain a great deal and maybe, just maybe, we can have two projects to save the Star Wars franchise.


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