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(film review) - Bullet Train

I heard nothing about this film whatsoever and just like that, a film starring Brad Pitt and pretty much, an all-star cast of very talented actors came together for this movie and the trailer gave us a little bit of an understanding of what this film is about. Having seen the movie, I will point out that the second trailer shows a lot of the movie, in a bid to sell you the film. For those who have seen the two movies in the Deadpool franchise, this is from the same people who brought us that. For those of you who remember and liked (or like me, loved Smokin' Aces, there is a high possibility you saw the comparisons in the trailer. If you add these combination with a little bit of an Guy Ritchie flare, this is what you get. But was the film any good? Well... Lady Bug (Brad Pitt) is an assassin who has decided to go about his tasks provided by his handler (Sandra Bullock) in a different way to how he used to work. He had a different view of life now and he takes a simple job to colle

(trailer review) - The Last of Us

  Last year I specifically went out to purchase a Playstation 5 because of 6 reasons, God of War, Unchanted, Spider-Man (I almost bought a Playstation 4 in 2019 because of this game) The Last of Us, Horizon Zero Dawn and simply because I have not owned a Playstaion since having my Playstation 2 before going onto owning an Xbox 360 Elite. But when Final Fantasy 7 Remake came out, I had to make that purchase...making that 7 reasons. It took me around a week to get a hold of one, but I have promised myself to buy these games and play them because I have been looking forward to them for a little while now. The Last of us though, I have heard great things over the years. And with reviewers, those who report on gamer news and other gamers who have sung nothing but high praise for this game and how it is very cinematic and possibly one of the best video games ever from a storytelling perspective, to make the decision to make this into a film? Debatable. It is known in the movie industry that

(film review) - Prey

Some of you might not know about the original Predator movie starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. It was a very long time ago where some of you may not have been born. I only know about it from my cousin who was older than me but if I remember correctly, the Predator movie is a macho man 80's classic. A team in the jungle being picked off, one by one by an unknown enemy. Like I said, it is a classic. The film spawned a few other movies, Predator 2, which was not as great as the first but was alright, but a lot better than anything that came afterwards. Predators was OK and I might even have a review of that on this blog site, but when they started introducing the Alien franchise with Xenomophs, the Predator franchise got diluted and washed up. So calling this movie Prey was a step to somewhat remove itself from the Predator name, something we are all pretty much disgusted by at this point, to bring us a movie within that world and take it soo far back into the past, it is before the eve

(trailer review) - Star Wars: Andor

  There was a trailer not long ago for this, albeit a teaser trailer which gave us a little tease of what is to come from Lucas film and the Star Wars franchise. However, whilst I knew about this show a good while back, I was not sure if I really cared. Let us be honest now, the Star Wars franchise has not really offered anything that has been really really good. Of late and in reverse order, Kenobi was good, but not great, Boba Fett was ok until Din showed up and then it was great. The Mandalorian is really good, although the second season, even with the additions, felt a little bit like a fetch quest, but overall, this show pretty much wiped the floor with everything that has been Star Wars of late due to how it has been delivered. This trailer? This trailer looks like it packs quite a punch to force the franchise into a new and different direction and I am here for it. Furthermore, this trailer also makes the mind Boggle as to the quality and look of this show in comparison to Boba

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