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(trailer review) - Black Adam


(Teaser Trailer)

I was not really a fan of the first teaser for this movie, but this comic-con one is soo much better. The last one, the music was not great and I just didn't like it. There is more action in this one, albeit, short, but it seems to be a lot better and I do like the tone. Before I was a little concerned about where the movie takes place, but I no longer care as I just want to enjoy the movie.

This trailer is a better showcase of Black Adam and gives us a little of his pain. If done correctly, this film will need to bring the audience to the understanding of who Black Adam is and why he does what he does with maybe some tear moments. This movie seems a little like a revenge movie and Dr. Fate is trying to recruit him to do good, but Black Adam is not here for. It would be interested to watch this movie and see if we can spot some cameos. I am just hoping WB do not pull a Sony and Eff this ass.


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