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(trailer review) - Bullet Train

The first trailer had me. This trailer has me even more but I am a touch concerned. Whilst this trailer continues to bring us the tone of this movie, this trailer is also giving us nothing but new scenes and a bit more of the story. Why this bothers me, on this occasion, well...I felt like I saw the entire movie.

An Assassin who believes he has bad luck goes on a mission to obtain a suitcase but is encountered by other assassins who are also out for the same suitcase and everyone is stuck on a bullet train. Sounds great, high speed action, witty banter and comical notes with a few explosions, however...did they also show us the end of the movie? I hope not. A lot of what they have showed us in this trailer is great, but if they have also shown a bit of the ending, it doesn't take much to think they also showed us all the action too. Regardless I hope to see it AND I hope it is great!


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