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(trailer review) - Obi Wan Kenobi

(Teaser Trailer)

First of all, that Disney Plus logo gets some great action with whatever it is promoting in the trailers to a TV show. The Lightsabre! Great usage. Secondly, was that Kamil? I hoping to see a BUNCH of Jedi's getting taken out...hundreds! Whilst the teaser trailer was good and gave us a little taster of what to expect, this trailer gives us soo much more.

This trailer! The production, the design, the story! This looks like it is a concentrated blend of The Prequels, The Original Trilogy and quite possibly, The Sequel Trilogy as well as the Cartoons. This looks soo good and I am definitely here for it. I am here for a possible sequel or sequels if they choose to take this further as his hair isn't greyed out yet, there is plenty of time! Great seeing some old and new characters, I just want to see how they weave this into Star Wars lore.


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