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(trailer review) - Star Wars: The Bad Batch: Season 2

The cartoon series of Star Wars plays a part in Star Wars lore that nobody really pays attention to. While a lot of people see cartoons in general are for kids, it is really over recent years, the stigma of cartoons has began to break away from being just for kids. Yes we have American Dad, Family Guy and such, but sometimes even the title/brand itself plays a part to what people think of cartoons. Star Wars is seen as Sci-Fi fantasy and whilst it is aimed at kids predominantly, Star Wars is aimed at the kids we were when we were younger, ie the adults who watched Star Wars as a child. With that said, yes there will be some themes here and there but we are looking at a product essentially catered for everyone and as much as it can. This trailer though, blimey...does this look really good.

The first season was cool. Slightly more adult than the earlier seasons and episodes of Star Wars: Rebels but fleshing out the world from Star Wars: The Clone Wars more and introducing specific characters, character arcs and showing us, the brotherhood of these reject clones who are a force to be reckoned with when they are coordinating as a team. But with a betrayal within the ranks, the show plays a lot into the dynamics of the team and the situations they get into. The new season looks great though. They look more coordinated and fluid. More fights and rescues. It looks like a team I want to see later on in the Star Wars universe continuing to do their thing and hopefully in life action, also. I did not realise there was going to be a second season let alone this soon, so this is a nice surprise.


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