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(trailer review) - Men

I tweeted the other day regarding my thoughts of the poster. The title of the movie is weird. The poster of this movie is creepy. If you have seen Annihilation, that film is also weird and I didn't get through it as I fell asleep every time I tried (mostly because I was tired) and I never picked it back up. And whilst I enjoyed Ex-Machina very much and could watch that over and over again, this movie, this trailer...not only does the poster clearly give the vibe of creepy, this trailer is sooo creepy and chilling, I am somewhat under the impression that the woman is also played by the guy.

For transparency, I am back-dating this post for one day as I initially saw this trailer the day before this posted date. I say that to tell you, when I went back to watch the trailer again before writing and posting, I clicked onto the wrong trailer and I saw the teaser one instead and that trailer was beyond creepy. There wasn't much to it but it had an echo sound which was used in the trailer that echoed throughout the trailer. This trailer on the other hand starts off really nice, cheery and unsuspecting until you see the vicar touch her leg and blame her for her husband's death, like, what??? Yes the music changes by that point but, wow! This trailer is great!!! I didn't realise until the child's face, that it was the same face, like, what? Seriously, I think this film (the impression I get anyway) is going to be centred around 'men' (hence the name, but how they look at, perceive, treat and react to women among other things and it looks amazing. I am definitely interested in this.


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