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(trailer review) - Men

I tweeted the other day regarding my thoughts of the poster. The title of the movie is weird. The poster of this movie is creepy. If you have seen Annihilation, that film is also weird and I didn't get through it as I fell asleep every time I tried (mostly because I was tired) and I never picked it back up. And whilst I enjoyed Ex-Machina very much and could watch that over and over again, this movie, this trailer...not only does the poster clearly give the vibe of creepy, this trailer is sooo creepy and chilling, I am somewhat under the impression that the woman is also played by the guy. For transparency, I am back-dating this post for one day as I initially saw this trailer the day before this posted date. I say that to tell you, when I went back to watch the trailer again before writing and posting, I clicked onto the wrong trailer and I saw the teaser one instead and that trailer was beyond creepy. There wasn't much to it but it had an echo sound which was used in the trai

(trailer review) - Obi-Wan Kenobi

You know, I hadn't even realised this was coming out this year. It's like I knew, but I forgot. Maybe it is because The Book of Boba Fett was only decent in comparison to The Mandalorian so I am not that fussed about the Star Wars universe at the moment because, well...why should I be? The Bad Batch was decent, The Mandalorian was really good, the Star Wars sequel trilogy was iffy, but somewhat good in my opinion, but I need more. I need to feel excited and pumped again for Star Wars and...this trailer might actually be that! For those who do not follow much of the lore, The Sith used Inquisitors to track down and kill the Jedi (first seen in Star Wars: The Clone Wars animated series and Star Wars: Rebels) and it will seem as though Obi Wan Kenobi is going to be on a mission during this series trying to protect young Luke and maybe Leia whilst trying to fight off the forces of The Empire and some of these new characters look great. Duel of the Fates is a classic touch. It will

(film review) - The Batman

From the get go, I'm going to say just a few things to clear the air first. As fans of specific characters from comic books, we need to understand several things first before going into watching adaptations from comic books. First of all, directors and film studios aim to provide a great movie to make tons of money, so there might be some liberties taken with the source material to appeal to every type of audience member. Secondly, it really does not matter who the actor is playing a role, whether you agree or visualise that person as that specific character or not, the director's job is to get the best out of the actor to fulfil their interpretation of the reference material for the movie they are making. So, I would like to say to the naysayers...remember Heath Ledger, remember Ben Affleck, these actors were not a preference for MANY fans, yet we cannot really see other actors in these roles going forward. This also applies to Hugh Jackman as Wolverine, might I also add. So,

(trailer review) - Bullet Train

  It's funny. If you were to ask me "What are your favourite films?", I would probably cite 'The Royal Tenenbaums' before anything and likely stop there. It's not the only film I love, but it's always the first to come to mind. However, the Die Hard trilogy and Alien trilogy are also up there, but I wouldn't necessarily mention those. I say that to say this, this trailer reminds me of, 'Smoking Aces' a film I also love but completely forgot about and a film you are not likely to have remembered or seen...also 'Seven Psychopaths', a film I absolutely loved. I believe I even wrote a review on it a while back. Tone wise, this seems like the fit. Brad Pitt, is someone who can do comedy and action pretty well, I think of Mr. & Mrs. Smith, but this trailer is just excellent through and through...and the cast. The cast! I'm going to check the cast list in a moment, but isn't that the voice of Scarlett Johansson? Is that Jamie Lee C

(trailer review) - Top Boy: Season 2

What I'm going to say first and foremost is that, this trailer for Top Boy is for season 4 and NOT season 2. It is a little confusing but, I'll explain. My understanding is that, Top Boy came out in 2011 and ran for two seasons. However, when Drake became a executive producer on the show, season 3 became a new season 1 with the previous seasons labelled Top Boy: Summerhouse. I say all that to say this, if you want to get into Top Boy, watch Top Boy Summerhouse first, both seasons as they are pretty good. As for this trailer, WOW! I'm going to re-watch Top Boy for a recap but as far as I can remember, the last season was really good and this new season seems to only expand on that and you can tell, money has gone into this production to raise the levels and the stakes. It is great to see some of the old characters back especially some of the new ones introduced in the last season, so let's see what fate they will have now, I can tell...bodies will be dropping.

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