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(trailer review) - The Batman

I didn't want to watch this clip, I didn't. I heard about this clip and I still didn't. But then I heard about this clip again and, here we are. Reviewing a clip I didn't want to see because the movie is out very soon, but here we are. And the clip in question...I LOVE IT!

For those who do not know, I have a few favourite characters in life. Film and comics. Batman is definitely one of them and I might have mentioned this before. It's just the whole, in the shadows menacing bad-ass he can be. Appears out of nowhere. Beats people up. Often and very almost always, striking fear into the hearts of those he confronts and I LOVE IT! This trailer shows us JUST THAT! He isn't even phased and I love it. I just hope the clip we get is much longer OR we get more fights like this with the Bat and the Cat.


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