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(trailer review) - The Batman

I didn't want to watch this clip, I didn't. I heard about this clip and I still didn't. But then I heard about this clip again and, here we are. Reviewing a clip I didn't want to see because the movie is out very soon, but here we are. And the clip in question...I LOVE IT! For those who do not know, I have a few favourite characters in life. Film and comics. Batman is definitely one of them and I might have mentioned this before. It's just the whole, in the shadows menacing bad-ass he can be. Appears out of nowhere. Beats people up. Often and very almost always, striking fear into the hearts of those he confronts and I LOVE IT! This trailer shows us JUST THAT! He isn't even phased and I love it. I just hope the clip we get is much longer OR we get more fights like this with the Bat and the Cat.

(trailer review) - Fistful of Vengeance

I'm going to be honest with you. I am not that moved! I'm not! Hear me out. It might actually be, just me, but although there were some really cool shots, imagery and action...some of the fighting scenes didn't look that great. Weirdly enough, the fighting didn't really move me although the action did. Some of that hand to hand combat seemed slow and stagnant. Maybe I'm on my own here but the fight between The Winter Soldier and Captain America in Captain America: The Winter Soldier looked more gripping and engaging, but with that said, that Axe scene? Loved it. I am honestly split on this. I like this guy as his fighting is often really good and if you have NOT seen The Raid, what are you actually doing with your life? If these types of movies are your thing, The Raid is definitely up your street and you need to get into it. I am not too sure about the English "dubbing" accents, but this film looks ok at best. I'm likely to watch it on a Friday night

(trailer review) - Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power

If you have not seen Lord of the Rings, you either hate fantasy or do not wish to sit through a 3 hour movie. There are also 3 movies all around the same time, so we are looking at 9 hours of your life on an epic fantasy. I get it, it may not be for you. Then we have The Hobbit. Equally just as long-ish and there is also 3 of those films too, so that is another 8 - 9-ish hours of your life. This franchise is already soaking up near 18 hours of your life and now they want you to watch more in TV format!? Yes, yes I will! This teaser trailer looks great! I know nothing about anything to do with The Rings of Power other than what I can gather from what they spoke about in the movies so the telling of this story should be rich in lore and should also plant the seeds for what we have now already seen. This looks like Amazon hasn't skimped on the expense at all, so let's see with the official trailer, what we are actually in for. This teaser is just enough to water the mouth, let'

(trailer review) - Moon Knight

You know, this is a great 30 seconds that shows even more imagery than the other previous trailers did and Marvel did well. We see a few great scenes, especially that "Batarang' catch moment. The potential villain with Ethan Hawke and the Moon Knight suit in all its glory. They should have also shown the all white suit one too but I guess that would be revealing too much

(trailer review) - Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

Yoooooooooooo! Yooooooo! Can I just say, this trailer looks AMAZING!!! I'll ask this now, "The Council of Reeds? or the Illuminati?" Also, is that Patrick Stewart? I'm a little lost for an expansive vocabulary right now because that trailer just had me smiling from ear to ear. First of all, are Marvel toying with us as normal? Strange is having these dreams, these nightmares and that had led me to think of the villain Nightmare, but to have a creature that resembles Shoma Gorath (which I don't think it is), Baron Mordo, Wanda as potential villains and god-knows what else, this looks like it's going to be a great movie, especially visually. I was wondering if it would be as trippy as the first movie looked and we'll, the scene where Strange and America are both cubed-looking...definitely trippy!

(trailer review) - Nope

 So the other day we got a teaser to this movie and now was have an official trailer and whilst we still don't know what is going on, people are looking up, horses are running for their lives and those wavy balloon men keep collapsing. Nope seems like a strange title for now but this trailer looks like this might be another weird "Us" movie. Like, is this aliens or is this government experiments or something else. There is a few telling shots and the one with the woman with althe veil looking up is creepy. Plus there is that "UFO" shot, flying over. This film is definitely going to be interesting.

(trailer review) - Firestarter

For the life of me, ok trying to think oyf I have seen the original Stephen King's Firestarter. Drew Barrymore, right? I actually can't remember and I keep thinking of Carrie. Anyway, this new film, this film from Blumhosluse looks good. The Invisible Man was really good so there is a chance that this one will be too. Low budget, young unknown child actor and Zac Efron who didn't really look like Zac at first. A young girl discovering her "mutant" powers and trying to harness it. I'm already sold on this trailer, however, another one wouldn't go amiss.

(trailer review) - Lightyear

(Teaser Trailer)  So the first trailer was a teaser and this one is the official trailer that gives us ALL ty great bits we want to see and get an understanding of what this movie is about...and it looks great. Buzz Lightyear goes into deep space with a robotic cat. There are huge robots and there actually is a Star Command which is actually stationed on this dangerous planet having been stranded there. This looks great and Chris Evans is doing a great job with the voice acting. It would be interesting if this is the film Andy watches as a young child that got him to buy these toys, OR this is the film he directs starring the toys he grew up with. We will have to wait and see and see if this all links up 

(trailer review) - Nope

I'm not sure if I'm a fan of this teaser trailer. I understand what it is meant to do, tease us by showing us the audience, the guy who brought us, 'Get Out' and 'Us' is at it again with another movie called 'Nope'. While that's all fine and dandy and Jordan Peele had somewhat proved himself and a very capable director, what is this, really? This movie seems like it has come out of nowhere and all it has to show us so far in this 3 - 5 second trailer, is three people looking up in shock, horror? Hmmm...just give us the trailer already. Also, would this be classified as a summer blockbuster? Food for thought. 22-07-22...

(trailer review) - Halo

First of all, Halo is such a great series that has taken me years to at first, get into, and then, start playing and loving. I absolutely love characters that are powerful but also flawed or placed in difficult situations that they must try and find a way through/past. Halo for me, started with Halo 3 *rolls eyes*. But I got an Xbox 360 with Halo 3, got into it and loved it.  So seeing this trailer made me smile. This trailer has Master Chief and the many random humans you will see around him. A genetically modified human made into a super soldier to help humanity fight off against alien forces who want to, destroy humans? Enslave humans? Destroy all life? No idea! But with Cortana, John 117 will find out the reason and stop these alien forces. The only things I didn't get from this trailer are 5 things... 1 Where is the Halo Ring? 2. Where is the UNSC Soldiers? 3. Where is that bad-ass talking soldier with the moustache? 4. Are we getting the beginning? And 5. Where is the voice a

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