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(trailer review) - Ozark: Season 4

You know, watching this trailer just got me stressed. This trailer took me right back to watching the show and how intense scenes got. How stressful a situation got. How ruthless the cartel got. How about, know this is a 'part 1' and likely due to Covid, we are going to have to wait for a 'part 2' and some wild point in time where we are just going to have to wait forever and a day to get to the end of the season. This trailer is great though. We see the main characters, we see the major players. We see the enforcement coming to try and stop everything that is going on, but it looks like, Marty and his family and surrounding associates are just getting in way too deep.  It just makes me wonder how long could this all go on for as it's such fantastic writing.

(trailer review) - Moon Knight

  Other than, this is meant to be Marvel's version of Batman but with a split personality, I know nothing about this character other than his similarities to Batman.  A man who beats people up at night, however, powered by a Moon-God?  This trailer looks excellent and Oscar Isaac had always been that guy for me ever since I watched him in Suburbicon. Weirdly enough, he was in Star Wars by then and X-Men but I feel that feel did it for me for this guy's talent.  This trailer capitalises on that from the distinct different personalities Moon Knight had and Oscar's facial expressions are great. This is definitely looks like a must see,. Maybe, this will bring us Midnight Sons. Directed by Jeremy Slater and starring Oscar Isaac and Ethan Hawke

(trailer review) - The Boys: Season 3

Yooooooo! Yoooooo! You know when one of your friend's greets you or get's your attention in this method and it's like they are really excited and bursting to tell you the hot scoop? Yeah, that!  I heard earlier today that there was a Season 3 trailer which dropped today, just a clip and low and behold, here we are and it looks great! I did a Season 2 review you can find on here, but this is like, how long? 30 seconds or so? but if you have watched both season and is fully up to date ready for season 3, this trailer is bound to make you smile, bound to.  Well, I've been watching it from season 1 recently and you forget how good this show is, soo so good!  I am actually itching to watch this. One of a few shows I feel like i've been waiting for ever to watch. Directed  by Eric Kripke and starring Karl Urban, Jack Quaid, Antony Starr, Erin Moriarty, Dominique McElligott, Jessie T. Usher, Laz Alonso, Chace Crawford, Tomer Capon, Karen Fukuhara, Nathan Mitchell, Elisabet

(trailer review) - Everything Everywhere All At Once

I keep my ears as low to the ground as possible when it comes to new movies coming out, but I heard nothing about this movie until now. Maybe I am not subscribed to a medium or maybe the studio behind this movie isn't doing enough to promote this movie but this movie looks great! Famous actor Michelle Yeoh in a somewhat different role to most of the characters she has ever played, but still fighting as she unlocks the ability to tap into the multiverse and tap into the various versions of herself across the multiverse and maybe essentially lose herself and her family to it, or at least the family may think that. A story about family it seems, but done in a crazy and colourful way. This film looks good and I'd definitely be interested in seeing another trailer and see this when it comes out. Soo many great actors in this too.  I mean, did you know that was Data from The Goonies and Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom? Or that lady at the beginning was Jamie Lee Curtis? Soo good

(trailer review) - Uncharted

( Official T railer ) When I first saw the first trailer for this movie, I thought to myself, "this is basically Spider-Man doing similar things".  I guess it IS a little unfair to say that because Tom Holland is not only a great actor and with range, but he has done a few films and hopefully with this one, different enough not to be simply seen as Spider-Man.  Personally I think I need to see him with some facial hair or something just to help separate how young he looks and to also separate from Peter Parker, some stubble wouldn't go a miss, you know? This trailer is cool though.  Although heavily edited, I was loving the action. Unfortunately, I have only recently got a PlayStation this year and I do want to play the Uncharted games but for someone watching this and had not play the games, this trailer pretty much sells me on the action AND the game, should the game be action packed like this trailer.  Personally, I heard it actually is and is a really good game. Hopef

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