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(trailer review) - Black Adam

I am not 100% sure if I am fully involved with this movie. The music is off-putting and the film seems more fantastical than Shazam, as if it does not take place within the same universe or era. They mention the future and considering Superman is in the same universe as Batman (Ben Affleck), The Flash and Wonder Woman, so that would also mean, so is Shazam, whilst considering the cameo in the first movie, this film just looks different. Very spectacular, you know. It would be great to get some Peacemaker in there at some point. This film feels like it has been 26 years in the making. From when it was announced to finally having an official trailer 26 years later and I am just not sure how I feel about it at present. Maybe my mood may shift having watched it more than once, but the only thing I liked was seeing Pierce Brosnan and hearing the lines, "Heroes don't kill people!" "I do!". It gave me Wesley Snipes as Blade vibes. Maybe I will warm up to it more anothe

(trailer review) - Prey

For those who may not have seen the trailer yet, this film is a Predator prequel. Perhaps a reboot of the franchise too. For those who love the franchise will be happy to see this trailer, but for those like me, who liked Predator, Predator 2 (to an extent), Predators (it was ok) then Alien Vs Predator and Alien Vs Predator: Requiem (from poor to even worse), you might feel that another crack at the Predator franchise is simply, just bad business at this point, especially after the last Predator movie directed by Shane Black crashed and burned. But although I am sceptical, this trailer reminded me of The Revenant meets Predator and the Bear is NOT getting the Oscar. We start off with a young lady trying to prove herself to her tribe that she can hunt, maybe a rite of passage. Upon trying to hunt for a bear, she is attacked and runs for cover, however from what seems like the case in the trailer, she is saved by a Predator. But now she becomes the hunted and she must try to survive this

(trailer review) - Bullet Train

The first trailer had me. This trailer has me even more but I am a touch concerned. Whilst this trailer continues to bring us the tone of this movie, this trailer is also giving us nothing but new scenes and a bit more of the story. Why this bothers me, on this occasion, well...I felt like I saw the entire movie. An Assassin who believes he has bad luck goes on a mission to obtain a suitcase but is encountered by other assassins who are also out for the same suitcase and everyone is stuck on a bullet train. Sounds great, high speed action, witty banter and comical notes with a few explosions, however...did they also show us the end of the movie? I hope not. A lot of what they have showed us in this trailer is great, but if they have also shown a bit of the ending, it doesn't take much to think they also showed us all the action too. Regardless I hope to see it AND I hope it is great!

(trailer review) - Star Wars: The Bad Batch: Season 2

The cartoon series of Star Wars plays a part in Star Wars lore that nobody really pays attention to. While a lot of people see cartoons in general are for kids, it is really over recent years, the stigma of cartoons has began to break away from being just for kids. Yes we have American Dad, Family Guy and such, but sometimes even the title/brand itself plays a part to what people think of cartoons. Star Wars is seen as Sci-Fi fantasy and whilst it is aimed at kids predominantly, Star Wars is aimed at the kids we were when we were younger, ie the adults who watched Star Wars as a child. With that said, yes there will be some themes here and there but we are looking at a product essentially catered for everyone and as much as it can. This trailer though, blimey...does this look really good. The first season was cool. Slightly more adult than the earlier seasons and episodes of Star Wars: Rebels but fleshing out the world from Star Wars: The Clone Wars more and introducing specific charac

(trailer review) - Gangs of London: Series 2

Ok, so it is here. The Gangs of London trailer is here and I would be lying if I said I did not get what I asked for. Gasps. The exclamation of "Jesus!" And "Oh my God!". It looks like Gareth Edwards is back to form and I love it. I feel like we have had a two year pandemic with soo many shows shoved into our faces in the later half of the past year along with a lot of personal growth and/or challenges that trying to remember a show (I at least binged), the story plot and characters is difficult enough to remember everything what was going on and had happened. This trailer helps to bridge the gaps in our memories. So we have the protagonist back and it seems like he is going to be caught in a fued with the main family and a new player/investor in whom will do anything it takes to control London. It seems the mother has a new identity and will be seeking war whilst London turns into a battleground for control and all gangs clash heads. It is great to see some fresh f

(trailer review) - Thor: Love and Thunder

(Teaser Trailer) We had the teaser and now we have the official trailer which includes the villain with a little bit of a synopsis. Thor vs. Gorr the God Butcher. I wonder if they would call him that in the movie, I hope so. From the last trailer, that was a trailer just to say the movie is on its way. Thor is back! With the Guardians. With Korg. With Valkyrie and Meek. The whole gang is together and an ex. With the Hammer. With some guns and it was looking great. This trailer gives you all of what the first trailer gave us and much more. There are a lot of new scenes in this trailer and it starts of with Taika who voices Korg telling a story of Thor Odinson and who he is to a bunch of people, possibly children of a planet, but then the trailer brings us Natalie Portman and her guns and hammer, the sheer shock of Thor and then the introduction of Gorr. Whilst not entirely comics accurate at all, Gorr looks like he is going to wreck shop, in a very unforgiving way. His design looks grea

(film review) - Mission Impossible: Dead Reckoning Part One

Perhaps the longest Mission Impossible name title, maybe...but I'd be lying if I told you I was not hyped for this movie. Are you kidding me? I've said it once, I've said it a thousand times, Ethan Hunt is THAT GUY! He is one of my favourite characters in film and I don't have many. I would need to sit down and think about my characters, but the Mission Impossible franchise has been going on since 1996, the film franchise anyway, as it was a TV show in the 80's. The films just seem to get better and better. And maybe part of the excellence of this franchise is the sheer dedication of Tom Cruise and his stunts and what he puts into this franchise. The story is never dull. The action is always great. The drama is thick with tension and...and whilst gadgets are minimal, with everything working together with synergy, the Mission Impossible movies just deliver for the espionage action spy seeker like me...and others, of course. This trailer, just like the music, graduall

(trailer review) - The Umbrella Academy: Season 3

You know, they have been teasing the trailer to this show since the beginning of the year and I felt it was going to drop any minute soon. Any minute soon it will come. The trailer is just around the corner. And five months down the line, here it is. In all it's umbrella style glory.  If you have not read my previous reviews on The Umbrella Academy, I implore you. Have you not watched the series before, I implore you. If this trailer feel makes you smile, if they trailer makes you interested or intrigued, I suggestion you start from season one as this show is soo so soooo good!  It's like X-Men but the team of X-Men are siblings that only just about get on. After the events of the last movie, the cliffhanger is essentially where we leave off with season 3 and that is an adventure into the unknown. Sparrow Academy! Who are they? So basically, another version of the X-Men team and from another timeline? I have no idea. Nor do I know if they will stay going head-to-head throughout

(trailer review) - Gangs of London

Out of nowhere a show called Gangs of London popped up and hit us with soo much grit, I thought I was participating in Tough Mudder. It was a combination of the film 'The Raid' mixed with UK, British sensibilities, let's say, a Lock Stock or Snatch. Not to say that this show has Guy Ritchie all over it, but it has that type of feel and style minus the dialogue and banter. With action scenes that pour blood with the spitting of teeth through raw violence, not that far from the Netflix Dardevil series, possibly a little worse, this show packs more than a punch. So, to see this show back, brings a smile to my face, because every show and film I just mentioned, I loved them, so to get a second series...which is only right of just great. This is just a teaser trailer which doesn't show much at all but I'm here for it. It is great to see the main protagonist back as he did a great job in the first show and I just wonder where they may go since the events of th

(film review) - Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

What I will say first and foremost is that, I have taken a little time to think about this movie before I wrote this for a few reasons. At no way am I trying to justify this movie's shortcomings on the pandemic and reshoots, but more on how the movie was actually presented to me in the end. The end result in which everyone watched and from the buzz I am hearing, seems to be dividing people. I would like to say secondly, this movie is not trash, it is not terrible, it is not rubbish, though I really really enjoyed this film, I do believe this film lacks something that could hav made this movie great (in my eyes of course), but this film...for me anyway, is good, really good...but not great. I'll explain. After the events of Spider-Man: No Way Home, Doctor Stephen Strange finds himself having nightmares that seem very real. In a nightmare, Strange is running with a young girl named America Chavez however, he soon bumps into her finding out not only is this young girl special, but

(trailer review) - Avatar: The Way of Water

I remember when the first Avatar trailer airred and people were enamoured by the sheer look of this movie. Sam Worthington was a growing star and so was Zoe Saldana. James Cameron was, well...James Cameron, the man behind The Terminator & Terminator 2: Judgement Day, Aliens (Alien 2), The Abyss, True Lies, and of course, the Titanic. With a filmography possibly just as long as Zack Snyder and not much longer, considering how long he has been in the game for, James has produced classics and films that break the box office records of all time. The first film did this and to my general and most recent knowledge, still holds that position. While the first film came out in 2009, 13 years later and this trailer for a sequel, part 2 of an additional 3? Looks absolutely amazing. Whilst this is a teaser trailer, it shows us the key notes we need to know. It is several years later and the couple now have a child. The Na'vi seem to be deep-sea diving and exploring the depths of the planet

(trailer review) - Obi Wan Kenobi

( Teaser Trailer ) First of all, that Disney Plus logo gets some great action with whatever it is promoting in the trailers to a TV show. The Lightsabre! Great usage. Secondly, was that Kamil? I hoping to see a BUNCH of Jedi's getting taken out...hundreds! Whilst the teaser trailer was good and gave us a little taster of what to expect, this trailer gives us soo much more. This trailer! The production, the design, the story! This looks like it is a concentrated blend of The Prequels, The Original Trilogy and quite possibly, The Sequel Trilogy as well as the Cartoons. This looks soo good and I am definitely here for it. I am here for a possible sequel or sequels if they choose to take this further as his hair isn't greyed out yet, there is plenty of time! Great seeing some old and new characters, I just want to see how they weave this into Star Wars lore.

(trailer review) - Lightyear

The big and dirty laugh I just let out from the bit with the finger. How something soo innocent can be warped due to perspective, I love it. This is how Pixar do jokes. This is how Pixar show other animation studios how they are the leaders in this field.  This trailer just improved upon the last one which improved on the teaser we got late last year. How do Pixar get it soo right? This trailer gives us everything you need to know and then some. I'm pretty sure that is Taika Waititi and that sounds NOTHING like Issa Rae, unless who I thought was her, isn't. I am very much loving the look of this, it looks very impressive.

(trailer review) - Thor: Love and thunder

It seems we are slowly circling back to one of the big three. We had Ironman, we had Captain America and now we have Thor with his 4th film, 'Love and Thunder and this looks great.  A continuation of where we left off with these characters in 'Avengers: Endgame' and Thor goes off with 'The Guardians of the Galaxy' and this is obviously where we pick up with Thor, seemingly not wanting to fight anymore and looking for his purpose in life.  In 'Avengers: Infinity War', Thor lets us know who he has lost in his life and it seems, the guardians are going to be the team that may help centre him, along with any of the threats that may lie ahead. This Teaser Trailer is great though.  That end shot with a female "God of Hammers" (giggle), looks epic and it seems as though we are going to have a lot of fun with these characters while Thor is obviously going through something here. I think it is also good to remember that, Taika who also directed the last mov

(trailer review) - Men

I tweeted the other day regarding my thoughts of the poster. The title of the movie is weird. The poster of this movie is creepy. If you have seen Annihilation, that film is also weird and I didn't get through it as I fell asleep every time I tried (mostly because I was tired) and I never picked it back up. And whilst I enjoyed Ex-Machina very much and could watch that over and over again, this movie, this trailer...not only does the poster clearly give the vibe of creepy, this trailer is sooo creepy and chilling, I am somewhat under the impression that the woman is also played by the guy. For transparency, I am back-dating this post for one day as I initially saw this trailer the day before this posted date. I say that to tell you, when I went back to watch the trailer again before writing and posting, I clicked onto the wrong trailer and I saw the teaser one instead and that trailer was beyond creepy. There wasn't much to it but it had an echo sound which was used in the trai

(trailer review) - Obi-Wan Kenobi

You know, I hadn't even realised this was coming out this year. It's like I knew, but I forgot. Maybe it is because The Book of Boba Fett was only decent in comparison to The Mandalorian so I am not that fussed about the Star Wars universe at the moment because, well...why should I be? The Bad Batch was decent, The Mandalorian was really good, the Star Wars sequel trilogy was iffy, but somewhat good in my opinion, but I need more. I need to feel excited and pumped again for Star Wars and...this trailer might actually be that! For those who do not follow much of the lore, The Sith used Inquisitors to track down and kill the Jedi (first seen in Star Wars: The Clone Wars animated series and Star Wars: Rebels) and it will seem as though Obi Wan Kenobi is going to be on a mission during this series trying to protect young Luke and maybe Leia whilst trying to fight off the forces of The Empire and some of these new characters look great. Duel of the Fates is a classic touch. It will

(film review) - The Batman

From the get go, I'm going to say just a few things to clear the air first. As fans of specific characters from comic books, we need to understand several things first before going into watching adaptations from comic books. First of all, directors and film studios aim to provide a great movie to make tons of money, so there might be some liberties taken with the source material to appeal to every type of audience member. Secondly, it really does not matter who the actor is playing a role, whether you agree or visualise that person as that specific character or not, the director's job is to get the best out of the actor to fulfil their interpretation of the reference material for the movie they are making. So, I would like to say to the naysayers...remember Heath Ledger, remember Ben Affleck, these actors were not a preference for MANY fans, yet we cannot really see other actors in these roles going forward. This also applies to Hugh Jackman as Wolverine, might I also add. So,

(trailer review) - Bullet Train

  It's funny. If you were to ask me "What are your favourite films?", I would probably cite 'The Royal Tenenbaums' before anything and likely stop there. It's not the only film I love, but it's always the first to come to mind. However, the Die Hard trilogy and Alien trilogy are also up there, but I wouldn't necessarily mention those. I say that to say this, this trailer reminds me of, 'Smoking Aces' a film I also love but completely forgot about and a film you are not likely to have remembered or seen...also 'Seven Psychopaths', a film I absolutely loved. I believe I even wrote a review on it a while back. Tone wise, this seems like the fit. Brad Pitt, is someone who can do comedy and action pretty well, I think of Mr. & Mrs. Smith, but this trailer is just excellent through and through...and the cast. The cast! I'm going to check the cast list in a moment, but isn't that the voice of Scarlett Johansson? Is that Jamie Lee C

(trailer review) - Top Boy: Season 2

What I'm going to say first and foremost is that, this trailer for Top Boy is for season 4 and NOT season 2. It is a little confusing but, I'll explain. My understanding is that, Top Boy came out in 2011 and ran for two seasons. However, when Drake became a executive producer on the show, season 3 became a new season 1 with the previous seasons labelled Top Boy: Summerhouse. I say all that to say this, if you want to get into Top Boy, watch Top Boy Summerhouse first, both seasons as they are pretty good. As for this trailer, WOW! I'm going to re-watch Top Boy for a recap but as far as I can remember, the last season was really good and this new season seems to only expand on that and you can tell, money has gone into this production to raise the levels and the stakes. It is great to see some of the old characters back especially some of the new ones introduced in the last season, so let's see what fate they will have now, I can tell...bodies will be dropping.

(trailer review) - The Batman

I didn't want to watch this clip, I didn't. I heard about this clip and I still didn't. But then I heard about this clip again and, here we are. Reviewing a clip I didn't want to see because the movie is out very soon, but here we are. And the clip in question...I LOVE IT! For those who do not know, I have a few favourite characters in life. Film and comics. Batman is definitely one of them and I might have mentioned this before. It's just the whole, in the shadows menacing bad-ass he can be. Appears out of nowhere. Beats people up. Often and very almost always, striking fear into the hearts of those he confronts and I LOVE IT! This trailer shows us JUST THAT! He isn't even phased and I love it. I just hope the clip we get is much longer OR we get more fights like this with the Bat and the Cat.

(trailer review) - Fistful of Vengeance

I'm going to be honest with you. I am not that moved! I'm not! Hear me out. It might actually be, just me, but although there were some really cool shots, imagery and action...some of the fighting scenes didn't look that great. Weirdly enough, the fighting didn't really move me although the action did. Some of that hand to hand combat seemed slow and stagnant. Maybe I'm on my own here but the fight between The Winter Soldier and Captain America in Captain America: The Winter Soldier looked more gripping and engaging, but with that said, that Axe scene? Loved it. I am honestly split on this. I like this guy as his fighting is often really good and if you have NOT seen The Raid, what are you actually doing with your life? If these types of movies are your thing, The Raid is definitely up your street and you need to get into it. I am not too sure about the English "dubbing" accents, but this film looks ok at best. I'm likely to watch it on a Friday night

(trailer review) - Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power

If you have not seen Lord of the Rings, you either hate fantasy or do not wish to sit through a 3 hour movie. There are also 3 movies all around the same time, so we are looking at 9 hours of your life on an epic fantasy. I get it, it may not be for you. Then we have The Hobbit. Equally just as long-ish and there is also 3 of those films too, so that is another 8 - 9-ish hours of your life. This franchise is already soaking up near 18 hours of your life and now they want you to watch more in TV format!? Yes, yes I will! This teaser trailer looks great! I know nothing about anything to do with The Rings of Power other than what I can gather from what they spoke about in the movies so the telling of this story should be rich in lore and should also plant the seeds for what we have now already seen. This looks like Amazon hasn't skimped on the expense at all, so let's see with the official trailer, what we are actually in for. This teaser is just enough to water the mouth, let'

(trailer review) - Moon Knight

You know, this is a great 30 seconds that shows even more imagery than the other previous trailers did and Marvel did well. We see a few great scenes, especially that "Batarang' catch moment. The potential villain with Ethan Hawke and the Moon Knight suit in all its glory. They should have also shown the all white suit one too but I guess that would be revealing too much

(trailer review) - Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

Yoooooooooooo! Yooooooo! Can I just say, this trailer looks AMAZING!!! I'll ask this now, "The Council of Reeds? or the Illuminati?" Also, is that Patrick Stewart? I'm a little lost for an expansive vocabulary right now because that trailer just had me smiling from ear to ear. First of all, are Marvel toying with us as normal? Strange is having these dreams, these nightmares and that had led me to think of the villain Nightmare, but to have a creature that resembles Shoma Gorath (which I don't think it is), Baron Mordo, Wanda as potential villains and god-knows what else, this looks like it's going to be a great movie, especially visually. I was wondering if it would be as trippy as the first movie looked and we'll, the scene where Strange and America are both cubed-looking...definitely trippy!

(trailer review) - Nope

 So the other day we got a teaser to this movie and now was have an official trailer and whilst we still don't know what is going on, people are looking up, horses are running for their lives and those wavy balloon men keep collapsing. Nope seems like a strange title for now but this trailer looks like this might be another weird "Us" movie. Like, is this aliens or is this government experiments or something else. There is a few telling shots and the one with the woman with althe veil looking up is creepy. Plus there is that "UFO" shot, flying over. This film is definitely going to be interesting.

(trailer review) - Firestarter

For the life of me, ok trying to think oyf I have seen the original Stephen King's Firestarter. Drew Barrymore, right? I actually can't remember and I keep thinking of Carrie. Anyway, this new film, this film from Blumhosluse looks good. The Invisible Man was really good so there is a chance that this one will be too. Low budget, young unknown child actor and Zac Efron who didn't really look like Zac at first. A young girl discovering her "mutant" powers and trying to harness it. I'm already sold on this trailer, however, another one wouldn't go amiss.

(trailer review) - Lightyear

(Teaser Trailer)  So the first trailer was a teaser and this one is the official trailer that gives us ALL ty great bits we want to see and get an understanding of what this movie is about...and it looks great. Buzz Lightyear goes into deep space with a robotic cat. There are huge robots and there actually is a Star Command which is actually stationed on this dangerous planet having been stranded there. This looks great and Chris Evans is doing a great job with the voice acting. It would be interesting if this is the film Andy watches as a young child that got him to buy these toys, OR this is the film he directs starring the toys he grew up with. We will have to wait and see and see if this all links up 

(trailer review) - Nope

I'm not sure if I'm a fan of this teaser trailer. I understand what it is meant to do, tease us by showing us the audience, the guy who brought us, 'Get Out' and 'Us' is at it again with another movie called 'Nope'. While that's all fine and dandy and Jordan Peele had somewhat proved himself and a very capable director, what is this, really? This movie seems like it has come out of nowhere and all it has to show us so far in this 3 - 5 second trailer, is three people looking up in shock, horror? Hmmm...just give us the trailer already. Also, would this be classified as a summer blockbuster? Food for thought. 22-07-22...

(trailer review) - Halo

First of all, Halo is such a great series that has taken me years to at first, get into, and then, start playing and loving. I absolutely love characters that are powerful but also flawed or placed in difficult situations that they must try and find a way through/past. Halo for me, started with Halo 3 *rolls eyes*. But I got an Xbox 360 with Halo 3, got into it and loved it.  So seeing this trailer made me smile. This trailer has Master Chief and the many random humans you will see around him. A genetically modified human made into a super soldier to help humanity fight off against alien forces who want to, destroy humans? Enslave humans? Destroy all life? No idea! But with Cortana, John 117 will find out the reason and stop these alien forces. The only things I didn't get from this trailer are 5 things... 1 Where is the Halo Ring? 2. Where is the UNSC Soldiers? 3. Where is that bad-ass talking soldier with the moustache? 4. Are we getting the beginning? And 5. Where is the voice a

(trailer review) - Ozark: Season 4

You know, watching this trailer just got me stressed. This trailer took me right back to watching the show and how intense scenes got. How stressful a situation got. How ruthless the cartel got. How about, know this is a 'part 1' and likely due to Covid, we are going to have to wait for a 'part 2' and some wild point in time where we are just going to have to wait forever and a day to get to the end of the season. This trailer is great though. We see the main characters, we see the major players. We see the enforcement coming to try and stop everything that is going on, but it looks like, Marty and his family and surrounding associates are just getting in way too deep.  It just makes me wonder how long could this all go on for as it's such fantastic writing.

(trailer review) - Moon Knight

  Other than, this is meant to be Marvel's version of Batman but with a split personality, I know nothing about this character other than his similarities to Batman.  A man who beats people up at night, however, powered by a Moon-God?  This trailer looks excellent and Oscar Isaac had always been that guy for me ever since I watched him in Suburbicon. Weirdly enough, he was in Star Wars by then and X-Men but I feel that feel did it for me for this guy's talent.  This trailer capitalises on that from the distinct different personalities Moon Knight had and Oscar's facial expressions are great. This is definitely looks like a must see,. Maybe, this will bring us Midnight Sons. Directed by Jeremy Slater and starring Oscar Isaac and Ethan Hawke

(trailer review) - The Boys: Season 3

Yooooooo! Yoooooo! You know when one of your friend's greets you or get's your attention in this method and it's like they are really excited and bursting to tell you the hot scoop? Yeah, that!  I heard earlier today that there was a Season 3 trailer which dropped today, just a clip and low and behold, here we are and it looks great! I did a Season 2 review you can find on here, but this is like, how long? 30 seconds or so? but if you have watched both season and is fully up to date ready for season 3, this trailer is bound to make you smile, bound to.  Well, I've been watching it from season 1 recently and you forget how good this show is, soo so good!  I am actually itching to watch this. One of a few shows I feel like i've been waiting for ever to watch. Directed  by Eric Kripke and starring Karl Urban, Jack Quaid, Antony Starr, Erin Moriarty, Dominique McElligott, Jessie T. Usher, Laz Alonso, Chace Crawford, Tomer Capon, Karen Fukuhara, Nathan Mitchell, Elisabet

(trailer review) - Everything Everywhere All At Once

I keep my ears as low to the ground as possible when it comes to new movies coming out, but I heard nothing about this movie until now. Maybe I am not subscribed to a medium or maybe the studio behind this movie isn't doing enough to promote this movie but this movie looks great! Famous actor Michelle Yeoh in a somewhat different role to most of the characters she has ever played, but still fighting as she unlocks the ability to tap into the multiverse and tap into the various versions of herself across the multiverse and maybe essentially lose herself and her family to it, or at least the family may think that. A story about family it seems, but done in a crazy and colourful way. This film looks good and I'd definitely be interested in seeing another trailer and see this when it comes out. Soo many great actors in this too.  I mean, did you know that was Data from The Goonies and Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom? Or that lady at the beginning was Jamie Lee Curtis? Soo good

(trailer review) - Uncharted

( Official T railer ) When I first saw the first trailer for this movie, I thought to myself, "this is basically Spider-Man doing similar things".  I guess it IS a little unfair to say that because Tom Holland is not only a great actor and with range, but he has done a few films and hopefully with this one, different enough not to be simply seen as Spider-Man.  Personally I think I need to see him with some facial hair or something just to help separate how young he looks and to also separate from Peter Parker, some stubble wouldn't go a miss, you know? This trailer is cool though.  Although heavily edited, I was loving the action. Unfortunately, I have only recently got a PlayStation this year and I do want to play the Uncharted games but for someone watching this and had not play the games, this trailer pretty much sells me on the action AND the game, should the game be action packed like this trailer.  Personally, I heard it actually is and is a really good game. Hopef

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