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(trailer review) - Scream 6

  From memory, this has to be the only franchise where I have not seen it all the way through. I cannot remember if I have seen Scream 3, but I definitely did not see Scream 4 because I just was not interested. I went to see Scream 5 though, and for what it is worth, I enjoyed Scream 5 for what it was. There were some elements in the movie that made no sense whatsoever. But for the sake of the movie, "movie-ing" and the suspension of disbelief, I let small yet weighty plot holes slide. It was a nice return to the franchise and like I said, an entertaining watch. I went to see it I. 4DX too and that was fun. It added a different take on the experience as a whole. This teaser trailer does not give us much but, is this based on a single day or week? Around Halloween maybe? Seeing all those people wearing the Ghost Face mask on the train is WILD! Already a no-brainer for the lore of the franchise I feel, because if there have been people committing murders in that mask for years,

(trailer review) - Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse

Before Spider-Man No Way Home came out, the best Spider-Man movie that Sony has ever put out in the history of Spider-Man movies had to be Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, hands down. Why? Because it embodied everything that Spider-Man was and had to be. What made it even better was the fact that, it wasn't even the traditional Peter Parker created 50+ years ago, but the newer more recently created Spider-Man created twodecades ago who is also NOT Peter Parker and is a black-latino child. That movie crammed soo much into it, but was told in a way that never felt over stuffed or confusing. We saw loads of Spider-Man villains and it never felt overcrowded. We saw various spider people and we never lost track of who the main star was. It was funny, witty, smart, charming, warm and emotional. The music was just as great as the art direction and what they did with the animation, how they used it. If anything, the film is a 10 out of 10, I mean it simply could not get any better. So, w

(trailer review) - Transformers: Rise of the Beasts

I believe I grew out of Transformers early when I was young. ThunderCats, BraveStarr and such, were always my bag. I mean a robot that turns into a car, plane, gun or ghetto blaster boom box with cassettes that turn into birds. It's great! But Michael Bay took my childhood cartoons and ruined them. I have said in the past on here that Michael IS a capable director, but he just does things in a way that is, just...visually boombastic and very unnecessary. I think I even made a comparison to Zack Snyder at some point, but Zack is ALL style and more substance than Bay. If you have not seen Bumblebee, the last Transformers movie, that was great. It was a really good film that did not rely on slow-mo and plants exploding taking out city blocks, it was just a really decent movie. Stephen Caple Jr., Coming off the back of Creed II, I will definitely say, is a capable director from the branches of Ryan Coogler, but dealing with a big-budget movie like this is interesting and a sight to beh

(trailer review) - Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny

I am not going to lie to you, so I will say to you first and foremost, while I love Indiana Jones (from the only movie I have seen before watching 'The Crystal Skull', 'The Temple of Doom', having now seen two movies and the last one was garbage, I care not for this movie. I guess I would have a lot more love for the franchise if I had seen 'The Last Crusade' and 'Raiders of the Lost Ark', but truth is, I do not, and Harrison is a little long in the tooth for an adventure, don't you think? Besides, it just makes you think? This has to be Harrison's last hurrah, right? What are they really doing with this franchise? Also, will a young Indy simply look like an old Indy in movement and antics? I just don't want to watch this movie and feel like I can clearly see a body double and/or that the moves and scenarios Indy finds himself in, an old Indy could not possibly carry out like he is an athletic spring chicken, you know. But on a real, this tra

(trailer review) - Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3

  We have come a long way since the beginning of the MCU. The storytelling and craftsmanship of the MCU go without saying at this point. One could argue that phase 4 has not been great and not a lot seems to make sense. While I do not prescribe to that exactly, I do feel some of the "funnier" storylines or more accurately, the comedy/jokes they have put into these movies have not been good. Without picking apart the MCU, I will simply refer to Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2. Although this was a great movie, everybody was given a joke. In the previous Guardians movie, it was simply just Drax who provided the audience with a laugh. In the second movie, it seemed like everyone had a joke and it kind of hampered the movie. This has been the case with a lot of MCU movies of late, so I am sure there is more than a handful of people who don't mind some silliness and jokes but not to be laughing all the time. I guess one argument is, they do this to balance out the heaviness of so

(film review) - The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special

This is a movie that is set after the events of Endgame and before the events of Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 3. If you have seen Endgame, you will have an idea of where we are with the team and what their plans are going forward. With that said, it seems as though this movie is the bridge between Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2 and Volume 3 which is here to inform us, the audience, of particular events that have occurred between the last time we saw them to when we get to see them next without going into too much detail and drawing out the third film with explanations and such. And while this movie was far from needed, this extended prologue to the upcoming movie is great and maybe, everything I hope Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 3 is. The Holiday Special centers around the Christmas holidays and cheering up Star-lord aka Peter Quill who seems to be down around this time due to Gamora not being around. Both Mantis and Drax set out on a journey to Earth thinking they have the best

(trailer review) - Cocaine Bear

I possibly heard about this around 4 years ago and the information was relayed like this: "They are making a movie based on true events called "Cocaine Bear" where a Bear eats cocaine". Not verbatim but my reaction was just the same as yours then to what it is now, now that you have heard about it "what!?! A bear eats cocaine. And this happened for real? True events? What?" Yes, and even now, I am still confused as to if this is actually legit. Like, the premise alone fills you with curiosity. While this sounds wild, you can only assume the trailer will be just as wild...AND JUST AS WILD IT IS!!! This is a must see! I was not sure how they were going to present this movie, but it seems a little bit like dark humour horror. The part where the bear is sliding on his back released a cackle from me along with some of the interactions with the coked up bear. This movie looks wild and while a horror, maybe not too scary and hopefully more comedic, but as I am gu

(trailer review) - The Super Mario Bros. Movie

( Teaser Trailer ) First of all, this looks like fun. Second of all, this looks like FUN! What I definitely will say though, are they throwing every single thing in Mario lore into this, because it sure looks like it. I am yet to see Mario Paint, Dr. Mario, Mario Tennis and maybe a few other things, but it really does look like EVERYTHING is in this movie. Could they have space for a sequel and include new things? I mean it IS all about franchises, right? Third of all, WAS THAT CRANKY KONG!? It was definitely a blink-and-you-will-miss-it moment, so if true, seeing Diddy and Dixie Kong will absolutely blow my mind! I am an old-school gamer (not that old, like Atari) but NES, SNES etc and although I do not remember beating Donkey Kong Country or Donkey Kong Country 2, these were platform games of a generation lost. It was not that long ago I was wondering if these platform games can return as the gaming industry is being swept up by genres that include shooters, RPGs, racing and sandbox

(film review) - Black Panther: Wakanda Forever

Nobody really knew Chadwick Boseman until he played James Brown. He was an up and coming actor who played Jackie Robinson, Thurgood Marshall and many other characters in film. It was only until he played Black Panther, a lot more people took notice. Chadwick Boseman was an incredible actor. Ma Rainy's Big Black Bottom and Da 5 Bloods is testament to that. Chadwick Boseman died at the age of 43 due to Colon Cancer in the middle of the Pandemic, something he was battling for years and before he joined the MCU. Whilst people online were saying horrible things regarding how he looked in a video he released prior to his passing (due to visibly losing a lot of weight) Chadwick kept his illness a secret, even from Director Ryan Coogler who had just finished penning the script to a Black Panther sequel that starred Chadwick Boseman. Ryan Coogler had a task similar to James Wan in the Fast and Furious franchise, but a lot more difficult. Whilst I agree with recasting the actor because the c

(episode review) - Star Wars: Andor: Episode 10

Would you believe that there is a producer in Hollywood who has made billion on billions through a single franchise and could quite possibly be the only producer in history to do so? While that could be a reach on my part, his name is Kevin Feige and he is the man behind the Marvel Cinematic Universe. I mention Kevin because he has put himself forward and into the position to take an entire franchise on his back, make a plan, pivot where necessary, but execute. The franchise that is Star Wars, does not have that person and over the past 10 years, it has been showing.  Whilst there has been some great and not so great shows within the franchise of Star Wars, I do feel the people behind this believe too much of their own source but are not brave enough to try something different. That is what Rian Johnson did. And whether you like his take or not, he was willing to push the boundaries and scope. With that said though, if you have not been watching Andor, you are definitely missing out. A

(trailer review) - Avatar: The Way of Water

( Teaser Trailer ) There is a reason why this man takes a while to make a movie. This man stays creating and breaking boundaries. Underwater motion capture!? So another trailer has dropped and James, James is just swinging for those damn fences...and clearing them!  This trailer looks all types of great and not only does the trailer not give you much, the trailer gives you a whole lot more than the teaser trailer and it is absolute great. In my last review I said Jake now has a child, but it seems like he has a few children. There is a character who seems to be listening to the planet, another character who wants none of anything Jake is warning them about, a possible civil war between the Na'vi AND the humans, or now other avatars are back bringing the war. I have no idea what exactly this is about, but just like the first one, I will be watching this, and quite possibly, in both 2D and 3D like I did before. The music sounds great and it goes without saying, the visuals look amazi

(series review) - Final Space

I am going to be real honest. I tried to watch this show possibly, 4 times, maybe even 5 and I could not get through it. This is due to many reasons and none of my reasons were due to this show being either boring, rubbish, disinteresting or disappointing. The times I tried to watch this show was usually at night. You know, a 20-25 minute cartoon fix before bed, something I could just put on and not focus too much on it. More often getting through a single episode than the optimistic 3 or 4 before falling asleep because I was too tired. It was that or I kept getting distracted or I just did not have enough time. Every time I pressed play, I could not remember where I was until one day, I decided to watch the show, AGAIN...and from the beginning AND to be dedicated. I made this decision because deep down, I enjoyed the show. It was funny. It was engaging. It is Sci-fi among many other things I love, but basically, it seemed like a good story. Was it a good story at the end of the 3 seas

(trailer review) - Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania

"What's done in the dark always comes to the light" - Jesmyn Ward. And it seems like Hope really should have explained everything that really went on down in the quantum realm, because now it seems like Kang will be after not only her, but the entire team to help carry out this task and maybe killing her if he does not get what he wants... whatever that is? This trailer looks great. Although labelled the 'official trailer', that second trailer is going to hit different and I am pretty sure, it is going to be the one that pulls you in. Seeing Bill Murray and hearing and seeing Jonathan Majors is also great, but at this point, it is simply a trailer to let us know when this film will be out, that it is coming and those invested in the MCU will definitely watch to keep up with everything MCU related. However, I do not believe this trailer does enough to pull us in yet, to confirm to us, this is a must see. Oh and Majors looks sinister! That's what, two films now?

(trailer review) - Creed III

I will start off with the possible negativity surrounding this movie. A few months ago, it was said that Frank Stallone (Sylvester's brother) made a comment on the socials stating that Michael B. Jordan pushed his brother out of the making of Creed III and Sylvester liked the post. Now, if you did not realise, the director of Creed was the director of Black Panther and the upcoming sequel coming next month. The director of Creed II , is the director of Transformers: Rise of the Beasts, also coming soon, next year. I'm guessing, before the franchise of Creed became stale, the studio wanted to go forward with a sequel, but these two directors were incredibly busy. Michael B. Jordan has wanted to don his directors hat and this is his first directing job having been a producer on the last few projects he has been involved with. Unless, MBJ wrote the story or played a part in the direction of the story, I will guess MBJ did not push Stallone out, but I guess there could be some bit

(trailer review) - The Super Mario Bros. Movie

Ok, ok, ok! Bowser coming in hot! This is just a teaser trailer but this looks great. When this film was announced with Chris Pratt doing the voice of Mario, I rolled my eyes. Like, why Chris Pratt? It could have been ANYONE other than Chris Pratt. I mean, it could have been an actual Italian actor. So, now that the trailer is actually here, we can voice out our opinions on how terrible Pratt sounds, how it was terrible casting, how he doesn't even sound like Mario, that we think the "Itsa me, Mario" is too hammy, but guess what, this works! This actually works! The trailer is only a teaser, but having Bowser coming in wrecking shop and having these blue "Twitter birds" defending themselves with honour only for Bowser to further destroy the castle himself, is excellent. A goon! A fire-spitting monster that looks like, if Godzilla had a turtle shell. I liked this little intro. Then having been introduced to Mario, in a strange new world, meeting Toad and actually

(trailer review) - Black Panther: Wakanda Forever

First of all. R.I.P to the legend and one of the greatest actors who was taken from us too soon. A man who showed us, through pain and suffering, you can still achieve great things. King Chadwick Boseman, may you Rest in Paradise. Ryan Cooler was given a difficult task, but this trailer looks as though he has pulled off a feat which is Oscar worthy from just the trailer alone. To rewrite, retool, and direct a movie without the titular character, with the actor portraying them strikes me as tears shedding, everyday. Hearing how Chadwick was, makes me feel for the cast and everyone who worked on the previous movie even more. Everyday coming to work and your friend is not there anymore and the film is meant to star him. A struggle. This trailer, Masterful. This trailer does not show that much more of the story than what we saw before. A siege, Namor, Black Panther, a potential flooding of Wakanda and a Battle. This trailer simply expands on those images even more and from what I can tell,

(episode review) - She-Hulk: Episode 7

We are now 7 episodes deep and I have my positives and negatives about this episode. The show has an overarching plot regarding Jen's blood. This was set up in the very first episode when Bruce destroys the blood in the test tubes. He even says as much. The other element to this episode is the Abomination angle. Emil Blonski is demonstrating he is a changed man and is working on himself and helping others with their issues. In turn this help Jen with herself. All this I did not mind at all, but the other characters in the show felt a little nonsensical or rather, I was not a fan of the character designs or portrayals as they felt forced and sloppy.  Whilst the comedy is good in places, the character designs reminded me of cosplay and I think, for the most part, we could have had better, whilst I do understand that they do not have the budget. Are these mutants? What would the X-Men look like when it's all said and done? The story behind the episode was good and as usual, the mu

(trailer review) - The Mandalorian: Season 3

It goes without saying that the franchise that is Star Wars has been pretty divided since Disney bought Lucas Films, but The Mandalorian has been the only part of the franchise that everyone seems to love.  Season 2 was very good and built up from the first season although every episode seemed like a fetch-quest in a role-playing game, but for the most part, The Mandalorian comes across as a better version of Boba Fett, the character. So, with that said, it definitely goes without saying, that The Mandalorian is one of the most eagerly anticipated Star Wars stories that star wars fans are looking forward to, especially if you saw the appearances he had in The Book of Boba Fett. Pedro Pascal's voice/movement or whichever is excellent, even if it IS just a stunt double under the helmet, but the story of the Mandalorian is getting better and better by the season and with the introduction of Bo Katan and the Mandalorian lore surrounding the Dark Sabre, this season is going to be soo go

(trailer review) - Tales of the Jedi

  I kept seeing the title thinking it was something to do with the Obi-Wan series so I brushed it off. You see,  DisneyPlus has these behind the scenes vid and interviews etc, so as I am not particularly interested in those, I thought this was that. I was wrong, soo very wrong. This is an animation from those who brought us, Clone Wars, The Bad Batch and others that are due to come. Six shorts, two stories of fate and one Destiny? I don't know how this works but I am assuming, we get a story of Count Dooku and possibly how he went down the path he did, as well as one with Ashoka (probably due to the live-as action show they are working on), so it seems anyway, although there is a Clone Wars movie and Clone Wars series. I guess we will see with maybe more trailers. Whilst I do not care for Count Dooku, it should be interesting to see and learn. It would be nice just to see new spin-off other other characters in the Star Wars Galaxies that do not involve anything too close to the Sky

(trailer review) - Secret Invasion

There has been a few Marvel Cinematic Universe shows that have been really good, a very small few that have been brilliant and some, just ok. With that said, one of my favourite MCU movies as a standalone movie, possible the best out of the entirety of the MCU, is Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Espionage Thriller. This looks like it is following in the same vein and I LOVE IT! There has been some speculation as to when Nick Fury left earth and we might get a response to that now with this show. I call, since Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Nick Fury has not been on earth, but it seems he has now returned, looking grizzled trying to uncover a threat and trying to stop a secret invasion by himself, because we do not know, who is who and who to trust. Looks EXCELLENT!

(film review) - Bullet Train

I heard nothing about this film whatsoever and just like that, a film starring Brad Pitt and pretty much, an all-star cast of very talented actors came together for this movie and the trailer gave us a little bit of an understanding of what this film is about. Having seen the movie, I will point out that the second trailer shows a lot of the movie, in a bid to sell you the film. For those who have seen the two movies in the Deadpool franchise, this is from the same people who brought us that. For those of you who remember and liked (or like me, loved Smokin' Aces, there is a high possibility you saw the comparisons in the trailer. If you add these combination with a little bit of an Guy Ritchie flare, this is what you get. But was the film any good? Well... Lady Bug (Brad Pitt) is an assassin who has decided to go about his tasks provided by his handler (Sandra Bullock) in a different way to how he used to work. He had a different view of life now and he takes a simple job to colle

(trailer review) - The Last of Us

  Last year I specifically went out to purchase a Playstation 5 because of 6 reasons, God of War, Unchanted, Spider-Man (I almost bought a Playstation 4 in 2019 because of this game) The Last of Us, Horizon Zero Dawn and simply because I have not owned a Playstaion since having my Playstation 2 before going onto owning an Xbox 360 Elite. But when Final Fantasy 7 Remake came out, I had to make that purchase...making that 7 reasons. It took me around a week to get a hold of one, but I have promised myself to buy these games and play them because I have been looking forward to them for a little while now. The Last of us though, I have heard great things over the years. And with reviewers, those who report on gamer news and other gamers who have sung nothing but high praise for this game and how it is very cinematic and possibly one of the best video games ever from a storytelling perspective, to make the decision to make this into a film? Debatable. It is known in the movie industry that

(film review) - Prey

Some of you might not know about the original Predator movie starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. It was a very long time ago where some of you may not have been born. I only know about it from my cousin who was older than me but if I remember correctly, the Predator movie is a macho man 80's classic. A team in the jungle being picked off, one by one by an unknown enemy. Like I said, it is a classic. The film spawned a few other movies, Predator 2, which was not as great as the first but was alright, but a lot better than anything that came afterwards. Predators was OK and I might even have a review of that on this blog site, but when they started introducing the Alien franchise with Xenomophs, the Predator franchise got diluted and washed up. So calling this movie Prey was a step to somewhat remove itself from the Predator name, something we are all pretty much disgusted by at this point, to bring us a movie within that world and take it soo far back into the past, it is before the eve

(trailer review) - Star Wars: Andor

  There was a trailer not long ago for this, albeit a teaser trailer which gave us a little tease of what is to come from Lucas film and the Star Wars franchise. However, whilst I knew about this show a good while back, I was not sure if I really cared. Let us be honest now, the Star Wars franchise has not really offered anything that has been really really good. Of late and in reverse order, Kenobi was good, but not great, Boba Fett was ok until Din showed up and then it was great. The Mandalorian is really good, although the second season, even with the additions, felt a little bit like a fetch quest, but overall, this show pretty much wiped the floor with everything that has been Star Wars of late due to how it has been delivered. This trailer? This trailer looks like it packs quite a punch to force the franchise into a new and different direction and I am here for it. Furthermore, this trailer also makes the mind Boggle as to the quality and look of this show in comparison to Boba

(trailer review) - Black Adam

  (Teaser Trailer) I was not really a fan of the first teaser for this movie, but this comic-con one is soo much better. The last one, the music was not great and I just didn't like it. There is more action in this one, albeit, short, but it seems to be a lot better and I do like the tone. Before I was a little concerned about where the movie takes place, but I no longer care as I just want to enjoy the movie. This trailer is a better showcase of Black Adam and gives us a little of his pain. If done correctly, this film will need to bring the audience to the understanding of who Black Adam is and why he does what he does with maybe some tear moments. This movie seems a little like a revenge movie and Dr. Fate is trying to recruit him to do good, but Black Adam is not here for. It would be interested to watch this movie and see if we can spot some cameos. I am just hoping WB do not pull a Sony and Eff this ass.

(trailer review) - Black Panther: Wakanda Forever

  If you know what happened to the acting Legend Chadwick Boseman, then you will already know that 1. The director Ryan Coogler had a heck of a task before him..and 2. Marvel's Kevin Feige had a heck of a choice to make. For those who do not know, Chadwick Boseman acted and starred as the titular character Black Panther whilst battling stage 4 Cancer. Chadwick told nobody of this and carried out his acting roles in Marvel movies and other movies for years before succumbing to the disease. Chadwick was such a great actor who left us with an iconic portrayal of the character that Marvel have decided NOT to recast T'Challa. Whislt I have heard some rumours going forward for the movie, we will have to see how this movie pans out. There will be some who would like to see someone recast as T'Challa and there are some who will say not to have him recast and let Shuri, T'Challa's sister played by Letitia Wright to play Black Panther  like in the comics. Chadwick was a great

(trailer review) - John Wick: Chapter 4

You know the expression "...opening up a can of worms", THIS entire franchise is exactly that. In case you are unaware with how this all began and the story soo far (I could be off as it has been a while, so spoilers if you have not seen any of the John Wick movies especially the first one). John Wick is minding his own business when a guy compliments his car and wants to buy it. After refusing, said car is stolen and John Wicks dog is killed.  Not to go into how much the dog means to John but John is an ex-assassin and he seeks revenge on the person who killed his dog. That was Chapter 1. This is Chapter 4. To say this film does exactly what it says on the tin is an understatement. This film is simply a revenge film which has spiralled soo out of control, we are on the fourth film and it looks epic. There are elements to this which are almost nonsensical, but the world they have built for this movie, is incredible. The close quarters fights. The close quarters fights that in

(trailer review) - I Am Groot

  So ummm, although I knew about this I do feel like this was sprung on me. Am I in the loop anymore? Am I not bothered? Comicon is currently on and while I know a lot of movies will have trailers and there will also be a lot of announcements, I just was not expecting this one for whatever reason, although I was well aware of this coming out. Maybe it was soo low on my Radar, I was expecting the bigger shows and movies rather than this. For a character whose vocabulary is only 3 words, this trailer was fun, cute and charming so I would be interested in these shorts and how well they may be. I am sure there is a storyline here somewhere too, but if not, who cares? It is Groot being Groot and who does not love Groot? I am just hoping there is enough of Groot saying "I am Groot" that does not grow stale too quickly.

(film review) - Thor: Love and Thunder

From the 3 O.G Marvel Cinematic Universe heroes we know and love, Thor is the only one to receive a 4th movie, starring Chris Hemsworth and continuing from all the story-arcs that came before. With that said, Thor is the only person, currently, who may have another two movies to come and prove to be one of the only people from the Avengers team that may go on for a few more years until he is old and grey seeing in and out various new members of the Avengers team, whilst he continues doing his thing like the Asgardian warrior he is. But at the end of the day, does Thor and his adventures do anything for you after Endgame? Do you even like this movie? Should you like this movie? What does this movie do for the MCU? And was this movie necessary for the advancement of the franchise? The last two are somewhat the same question, but let me answer this for you. After the events of Endgame, Thor went off with the Guardians of the Galaxy on a reflection and self discovery mission. After many ba

(trailer review) - Black Adam

I am not 100% sure if I am fully involved with this movie. The music is off-putting and the film seems more fantastical than Shazam, as if it does not take place within the same universe or era. They mention the future and considering Superman is in the same universe as Batman (Ben Affleck), The Flash and Wonder Woman, so that would also mean, so is Shazam, whilst considering the cameo in the first movie, this film just looks different. Very spectacular, you know. It would be great to get some Peacemaker in there at some point. This film feels like it has been 26 years in the making. From when it was announced to finally having an official trailer 26 years later and I am just not sure how I feel about it at present. Maybe my mood may shift having watched it more than once, but the only thing I liked was seeing Pierce Brosnan and hearing the lines, "Heroes don't kill people!" "I do!". It gave me Wesley Snipes as Blade vibes. Maybe I will warm up to it more anothe

(trailer review) - Prey

For those who may not have seen the trailer yet, this film is a Predator prequel. Perhaps a reboot of the franchise too. For those who love the franchise will be happy to see this trailer, but for those like me, who liked Predator, Predator 2 (to an extent), Predators (it was ok) then Alien Vs Predator and Alien Vs Predator: Requiem (from poor to even worse), you might feel that another crack at the Predator franchise is simply, just bad business at this point, especially after the last Predator movie directed by Shane Black crashed and burned. But although I am sceptical, this trailer reminded me of The Revenant meets Predator and the Bear is NOT getting the Oscar. We start off with a young lady trying to prove herself to her tribe that she can hunt, maybe a rite of passage. Upon trying to hunt for a bear, she is attacked and runs for cover, however from what seems like the case in the trailer, she is saved by a Predator. But now she becomes the hunted and she must try to survive this

(trailer review) - Bullet Train

The first trailer had me. This trailer has me even more but I am a touch concerned. Whilst this trailer continues to bring us the tone of this movie, this trailer is also giving us nothing but new scenes and a bit more of the story. Why this bothers me, on this occasion, well...I felt like I saw the entire movie. An Assassin who believes he has bad luck goes on a mission to obtain a suitcase but is encountered by other assassins who are also out for the same suitcase and everyone is stuck on a bullet train. Sounds great, high speed action, witty banter and comical notes with a few explosions, however...did they also show us the end of the movie? I hope not. A lot of what they have showed us in this trailer is great, but if they have also shown a bit of the ending, it doesn't take much to think they also showed us all the action too. Regardless I hope to see it AND I hope it is great!

(trailer review) - Star Wars: The Bad Batch: Season 2

The cartoon series of Star Wars plays a part in Star Wars lore that nobody really pays attention to. While a lot of people see cartoons in general are for kids, it is really over recent years, the stigma of cartoons has began to break away from being just for kids. Yes we have American Dad, Family Guy and such, but sometimes even the title/brand itself plays a part to what people think of cartoons. Star Wars is seen as Sci-Fi fantasy and whilst it is aimed at kids predominantly, Star Wars is aimed at the kids we were when we were younger, ie the adults who watched Star Wars as a child. With that said, yes there will be some themes here and there but we are looking at a product essentially catered for everyone and as much as it can. This trailer though, blimey...does this look really good. The first season was cool. Slightly more adult than the earlier seasons and episodes of Star Wars: Rebels but fleshing out the world from Star Wars: The Clone Wars more and introducing specific charac

(trailer review) - Gangs of London: Series 2

Ok, so it is here. The Gangs of London trailer is here and I would be lying if I said I did not get what I asked for. Gasps. The exclamation of "Jesus!" And "Oh my God!". It looks like Gareth Edwards is back to form and I love it. I feel like we have had a two year pandemic with soo many shows shoved into our faces in the later half of the past year along with a lot of personal growth and/or challenges that trying to remember a show (I at least binged), the story plot and characters is difficult enough to remember everything what was going on and had happened. This trailer helps to bridge the gaps in our memories. So we have the protagonist back and it seems like he is going to be caught in a fued with the main family and a new player/investor in whom will do anything it takes to control London. It seems the mother has a new identity and will be seeking war whilst London turns into a battleground for control and all gangs clash heads. It is great to see some fresh f

(trailer review) - Thor: Love and Thunder

(Teaser Trailer) We had the teaser and now we have the official trailer which includes the villain with a little bit of a synopsis. Thor vs. Gorr the God Butcher. I wonder if they would call him that in the movie, I hope so. From the last trailer, that was a trailer just to say the movie is on its way. Thor is back! With the Guardians. With Korg. With Valkyrie and Meek. The whole gang is together and an ex. With the Hammer. With some guns and it was looking great. This trailer gives you all of what the first trailer gave us and much more. There are a lot of new scenes in this trailer and it starts of with Taika who voices Korg telling a story of Thor Odinson and who he is to a bunch of people, possibly children of a planet, but then the trailer brings us Natalie Portman and her guns and hammer, the sheer shock of Thor and then the introduction of Gorr. Whilst not entirely comics accurate at all, Gorr looks like he is going to wreck shop, in a very unforgiving way. His design looks grea

(trailer review) - Mission Impossible: Dead Reckoning Part One

Perhaps the longest Mission Impossible name title, maybe...but I'd be lying if I told you I was not hyped for this movie. Are you kidding me? I've said it once, I've said it a thousand times, Ethan Hunt is THAT GUY! He is one of my favourite characters in film and I don't have many. I would need to sit down and think about my characters, but the Mission Impossible franchise has been going on since 1996, the film franchise anyway, as it was a TV show in the 80's. The films just seem to get better and better. And maybe part of the excellence of this franchise is the sheer dedication of Tom Cruise and his stunts and what he puts into this franchise. The story is never dull. The action is always great. The drama is thick with tension and...and whilst gadgets are minimal, with everything working together with synergy, the Mission Impossible movies just deliver for the espionage action spy seeker like me...and others, of course. This trailer, just like the music, graduall

(trailer review) - The Umbrella Academy: Season 3

You know, they have been teasing the trailer to this show since the beginning of the year and I felt it was going to drop any minute soon. Any minute soon it will come. The trailer is just around the corner. And five months down the line, here it is. In all it's umbrella style glory.  If you have not read my previous reviews on The Umbrella Academy, I implore you. Have you not watched the series before, I implore you. If this trailer feel makes you smile, if they trailer makes you interested or intrigued, I suggestion you start from season one as this show is soo so soooo good!  It's like X-Men but the team of X-Men are siblings that only just about get on. After the events of the last movie, the cliffhanger is essentially where we leave off with season 3 and that is an adventure into the unknown. Sparrow Academy! Who are they? So basically, another version of the X-Men team and from another timeline? I have no idea. Nor do I know if they will stay going head-to-head throughout

(trailer review) - Gangs of London

Out of nowhere a show called Gangs of London popped up and hit us with soo much grit, I thought I was participating in Tough Mudder. It was a combination of the film 'The Raid' mixed with UK, British sensibilities, let's say, a Lock Stock or Snatch. Not to say that this show has Guy Ritchie all over it, but it has that type of feel and style minus the dialogue and banter. With action scenes that pour blood with the spitting of teeth through raw violence, not that far from the Netflix Dardevil series, possibly a little worse, this show packs more than a punch. So, to see this show back, brings a smile to my face, because every show and film I just mentioned, I loved them, so to get a second series...which is only right of just great. This is just a teaser trailer which doesn't show much at all but I'm here for it. It is great to see the main protagonist back as he did a great job in the first show and I just wonder where they may go since the events of th

(film review) - Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

What I will say first and foremost is that, I have taken a little time to think about this movie before I wrote this for a few reasons. By no way am I trying to justify this movie's shortcomings on the pandemic and reshoots, but more on how the movie was actually presented to me in the end. The end result in which everyone watched and from the buzz I am hearing, seems to be dividing people. I would like to say secondly, this movie is not trash, it is not terrible, it is not rubbish, though I really really enjoyed this film, I do believe this film lacks something that could have made this movie great (in my eyes of course), but this film...for me anyway, is good, really good...but not great. I'll explain. After the events of Spider-Man: No Way Home, Doctor Stephen Strange finds himself having nightmares that seem very real. In a nightmare, Strange is running with a young girl named America Chavez however, he soon bumps into her finding out not only is this young girl special, bu

(trailer review) - Avatar: The Way of Water

I remember when the first Avatar trailer airred and people were enamoured by the sheer look of this movie. Sam Worthington was a growing star and so was Zoe Saldana. James Cameron was, well...James Cameron, the man behind The Terminator & Terminator 2: Judgement Day, Aliens (Alien 2), The Abyss, True Lies, and of course, the Titanic. With a filmography possibly just as long as Zack Snyder and not much longer, considering how long he has been in the game for, James has produced classics and films that break the box office records of all time. The first film did this and to my general and most recent knowledge, still holds that position. While the first film came out in 2009, 13 years later and this trailer for a sequel, part 2 of an additional 3? Looks absolutely amazing. Whilst this is a teaser trailer, it shows us the key notes we need to know. It is several years later and the couple now have a child. The Na'vi seem to be deep-sea diving and exploring the depths of the planet

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