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(trailer review) - Spider-Man: Across The Spider-verse

First off, Wow!!! I was not expecting this and soo soon! I remember there was an announcement mentioning the movie and I'm not sure when it would be released from when they initially said but damn, this looks great!

If you didn't watch the first movie, you are honestly missing out.  I understand that Spider-Man seems to be a constant.  There is always talks about him, he is always around, there is always a film, how many different Spider-Man actors are there? But whilst that question might get answered in the new Spider-Man movie due out soon by Sony in collaboration with Disney/Marvel (MCU), Spider-Man: Into the Spider-verse was such a great movie and this 'First Look' looks like it will also be just as great! The animation, the drawing and contrasting drawing styles, wow...just wow.  Miles looks older right? This is just looking Amazing soo far.


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