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(trailer review) - Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness

You might feel as though (if you are a DC fan) that Marvel are cheating! It may seem like DC stated they will do Multiverse stuff and then Disney came along and did it before them.  There always seems to be some rivalry between fans when really, you can like them both. It's really ok.  Having seen Spider-Man: No Way Home and the threat of of the Multiverse or a Multiverse collapse, this trailer seems to go straight into what the Multiverse of Madness really is and it looks GREAT!!!

Confirmed characters, America Chavez, The Scarlett Witch, Baron Mordo and of course, Doctor Strange. There have been Rumours of a Shuma Gorath turning up and the creature in the street, apparently isn't him, so it would be interesting to find out who that is and whobthe big bad is because there is a legit reason to believe, Wanda is. The poster and this teaser is great, plus is this a Marvel's What If crossover?


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