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(trailer review) - Atlanta: Season 3

It goes without saying: you either know about this show or you don't. You either love it or you hate it.  Atlanta is a show where you would need to persist with it, if at first you do not understand it.  If you persist longer than you would normally dare and you are still not getting it, then the show is lost on you.  Atlanta has a style to it that, dare I say clever and intelligent, but the satirical wit is something that will not take to everybody.  If you don't laugh your head off at the invisible car scene, even when the set up was there earlier in the episode, then...I don't know what to tell you.

I feel like we have been waiting in what feels like forever.  With the pandemic and such, that has delayed a lot of movies and shows across the board.  The last season was 2019, maybe? Well, that's when I watched it last.  And ALL THESE ACTORS have blown up since now to be demanding more money than what they were asking when they did the first season.  Paper Boi is being led by his cousin Ernest to Europe accompanied by his friend Darius and Ernest's girlfriend Vanessa.  I can only assume it's going to be crazy funny, especially with the difference in language and the behaviour of Europeans and/or how they act towards Americans. Finally!  Hopefully we get another trailer!

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