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(trailer review) - Atlanta: Season 3

It goes without saying: you either know about this show or you don't. You either love it or you hate it.  Atlanta is a show where you would need to persist with it, if at first you do not understand it.  If you persist longer than you would normally dare and you are still not getting it, then the show is lost on you.  Atlanta has a style to it that, dare I say clever and intelligent, but the satirical wit is something that will not take to everybody.  If you don't laugh your head off at the invisible car scene, even when the set up was there earlier in the episode, then...I don't know what to tell you. I feel like we have been waiting in what feels like forever.  With the pandemic and such, that has delayed a lot of movies and shows across the board.  The last season was 2019, maybe? Well, that's when I watched it last.  And ALL THESE ACTORS have blown up since now to be demanding more money than what they were asking when they did the first season.  Paper Boi is being

(rendom film review) - Encanto

I was going to watch this movie yesterday, but I got distracted.  So I watched it today on the trusty ol' Disney Plus and whilst I didn't much care for the movie when it was advertised and when trailers came out, upon hearing how good it was and/or charming, it's December 29th 2021.  It's like 12:00pm, what else am I going to do?  So of course, I watched it.  Was the film as good as people have said it was. Ummm, yeah. Encanto is about a woman who is blessed with a magical house when she loses her partner.  Left alone with 3 children to raise, she eventually raise these three children in this magical house and when the children become of age, a door within the magical house is presented and if chosen, you are imbued with magical talents. This is then seen to be passed down through generations and generations however, when Mirabel Madrigal (Stephanie Beatriz) is not granted any powers, she tries to find a way to simply live with being different in her family, but with th

(trailer review) - The Batman

( DC FanDome Teaser ) ( Main Trailer ) I'm not sure if I've said this here before, but I have about 6 favourite comic book characters.  Six.  I have various reasons as to why I like them.  Some could be because of their strength, some could be down to their enemies or "how old" they are, some are just because they are just super cool.  So, for Strength, Superman and The Incredible Hulk, because of their Enemies and their Age, Spider-Man and Wolverine, because of how cool they are...Batman.  He is rich, very intelligent and he fights incredible well and had lots of gadgets.  How about, this trailer, not only showing us practically ALL OF THE MOVIE, but showcasing a Year Two Batman up against The Riddler and maybe Catwoman? This trailer is great.  Imagine, I had to rewind the trailer several times before I could even complete it because of Batman and his coolness.  Matt Reeves had managed to make this Batman look, sound and move cool. The fighting. The jumping off of hi

(trailer review) - Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness

You might feel as though (if you are a DC fan) that Marvel are cheating! It may seem like DC stated they will do Multiverse stuff and then Disney came along and did it before them.  There always seems to be some rivalry between fans when really, you can like them both. It's really ok.  Having seen Spider-Man: No Way Home and the threat of of the Multiverse or a Multiverse collapse, this trailer seems to go straight into what the Multiverse of Madness really is and it looks GREAT!!! Confirmed characters, America Chavez, The Scarlett Witch, Baron Mordo and of course, Doctor Strange. There have been Rumours of a Shuma Gorath turning up and the creature in the street, apparently isn't him, so it would be interesting to find out who that is and whobthe big bad is because there is a legit reason to believe, Wanda is. The poster and this teaser is great, plus is this a Marvel's What If crossover?

(trailer review) - Halo

Halo has been rumoured for possibly, a decade by now.  I mean the film Elysium came out in August 2013 and I'm pretty sure, at least 3-4 years before then, they have been talking about a Halo movie.  You see, Halo is based on a video game starring a character called John, number 117 but better known as Master Chief. There is all types of lore and background and such and maybe we will get into that in this series, but seeing lots of short films, fan films and the graphics for the Halo games, this HAD TO BE a movie at some point. Alas, they have decided to make this into a series. The reason why this has taken soo long, is more about money, politics and the environment of video games made into movies.  Only recently, video games have caught traction and those behind movies and series (just like the comic book genre) are starting to under how they can deliver narrative from a video game (just like how it's taken years to do that with comic book stories) so having Halo as

(trailer review) - The Matrix: Resurrections

Wait, what? Whilst we have just over a week, if that for this movie and trailers after trailers are being released, what the actual hell is going on here? This clip seems as though the movie will be sooo trippy and (maybe) soo confusing, it will takes days, months or even years to break down, like the first movie did. No more running to phonebooths or a phone line so now we have moving portals? Then the Morpheus talking to Neo whilst Morpheus is talking to Neo in the background on the screen is trippy enough. Wild! As trippy as this film might now be, I hope it doesn't lose people like how Tenet lost a lot of people.

(trailer review) - Sonic the Hedgehog 2

I watched the first movie (not when it came out, but eventually) and to my surprise, I actually enjoyed it, so when they mentioned they will be doing a Sonic 2, I was surprised but delighted.  I mean, why would I not want to watch a movie based off of a video game that was a nice watch.  Charming, funny and...well, Jim Carey.  A few months down the line, they even announced Idris Elba and considering his voicework for Sher Khan in Disney's "Live Action" Jungle Book, I could only assume this sequel would equally be great. This trailer is alright and it looks like they are sticking to the charm of what made the first one good and upping the ante with Tails added and Knuckles.  It looks like they might also be taking a few liberties with the Knuckles character, but if the fan are cool with it, then I'm sure it will be fine.  It's funny I just said that, because, the fans were not cool with the initial look of Sonic and the studio changed it up to look more accurate a

(trailer review) - The Matrix: Resurrections

( Teaser & First Trailer ) ( Deja Vu Trailer ) Ok, the last one was, I guess, what they would call a TV Spot, so having this one confirmed as Trailer 2 makes a lot of sense, but damn is this trailer PACKED!!! Whilst we are likely getting a little bit of the story now, Neo is reawoken in the Matrix but this time he remembers the previous Matrix and now he has to protect/save/help Trinity? Who knows at this point, but if there is something we CAN take away from this trailer as well as the movie when it comes out, is the cinematography.  This film looks amazing! Also frantic? Frenetic? This movie looks like it's carrying a lot of energy in a good way, but I'm just hoping it isn't all sounds, visuals and no story.  Oooh and Jessica Henwick is absolutely killing it! Directed  by Lana Wachowski and starring Keanu Reeves, Carrie-Anne Moss, Jada Pinkett Smith, Lambert Wilson & Daniel Bernhardt You can comment down below to enter in discussions. Thank you for reading, Subscr

(trailer review) - Spider-Man: Across The Spider-verse

First off, Wow!!! I was not expecting this and soo soon! I remember there was an announcement mentioning the movie and I'm not sure when it would be released from when they initially said but damn, this looks great! If you didn't watch the first movie, you are honestly missing out.  I understand that Spider-Man seems to be a constant.  There is always talks about him, he is always around, there is always a film, how many different Spider-Man actors are there? But whilst that question might get answered in the new Spider-Man movie due out soon by Sony in collaboration with Disney/Marvel (MCU), Spider-Man: Into the Spider-verse was such a great movie and this 'First Look' looks like it will also be just as great! The animation, the drawing and contrasting drawing styles, wow...just wow.  Miles looks older right? This is just looking Amazing soo far.

(trailer review) - Peacemaker

( Official Teaser Trailer ) It is definitely safe to say, I WILL BE WATCHING THIS IMMEDIATELY! "A grenade blows up like, two people", "Eat peace mother-boom".  As bonkers as Peacemaker is and was in The Suicide Squad movie, this series seems to want to take him and his antics further, deeper and funnier! This trailer is great.  I had tears welling up in my eyes from the he sheer hilarity of it all. There are soo many conversational pieces that are funny. Soo many visuals that are funny.  That shot of all of them slo-mo walking in true Superhero Comic Book and also Action Movie fashion WITH THE AMERICA BALD EAGLE, come on! It's ridiculous, but I love it! Even the Tighty-Whities shot diving out the window is ridiculously, who gets an angled shot like that? James Gunn! Directed  by James Gun an starring John Cena, Steve Agee, Danielle Brooks, Robert Patrick, Jennifer Holland, Freddie Stroma and Chukwudi Iwuji, You can comment down below to enter in

(trailer review) - The Matrix: Resurrections

( Teaser & First Trailer ) I loved the first Matrix films! Maybe not soo much the third one, although I loved the gravity of the story, but the execution kind of lost me. The second one was good and I loved all these new abilities Neo had but ultimately, it was a franchise that didn't finish off well.  However the last trailer had me hyped and then to now release this Déjà Vu trailer inter-cutting previous Matrix footage and movements, if you tell me you are not gassed (excited) about this trailer and the execution of it, there is something wrong with the Matrix and you need to be plugged back in.  This trailer is just excellent for those who have and haven't seen the original Trilogy.  It harkens back to the old trilogy so if you haven't seen it, it should entice you to see it before this one.  And if you have seen it, it should excite you to watch this new one as the special effects have come a long way since the first few movies and with an optimistic view that this

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