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(trailer review) - Scream

Hello Sydney!

That's iconic! Even I know that line and I couldn't tell you where I last left off with the Scream franchise.  I believe I stopped after Scream 3 but I cannot for sure say that I watched Scream 3 but I know I watched 1 & 2.  These films where they are rejuvenating the franchise and bring it back for the old heads as well as the fresh eyes who are yet to see or get involved with these franchises, aren't doing a terrible job.  While I liked Candyman, I felt I was too far removed from the mythos of Candyman and the film that came after or, well...the franchise, so maybe I need to re-watch these movies before I watch the new incarnations.

This trailer was cool.  A slasher film in the vein of the old school movies, bringing back the old school characters AND on top of that, still coming across scary and frightening like they literally picked up the script for the first movie and just re-wrote it with different character name and used the old character names as parents.  This looks like the classic scare-fest it was and that stamping on the ankle was rough!  It's great to see Meg Ryan's son Huey in this.  He should be alright since he has faced worst, like The Seven. 

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