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(trailer review) - Peacemaker


First of all, I'd like to say that, if James Gunn wasn't fired form Disney over tweets that were over 10 years old, we would not be having this trailer.  Think about it! James Gunn was fired from Disney having already written Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 and Warner Bros. and Detective Comics, snapped him up immediately.  They let him do any film he wanted and he chose the Suicide Squad franchise (such a bold choice).  If those chain of events never happened, we would never have gotten this wild trailer for a character named Peacemaker who was introduced in the latest  Suicide Squad movie which was very good.  Sit with that for a moment.  And if you need any help, watch The Suicide Squad and come back to me.

This trailer is bonkers! It is funny and if I'm honest, it carries the same level of humour and heart that the movie 'The Suicide Squad' carries and if you read my review, you know I really enjoyed tat movie.  At present, I'm not 100% sure where the movies stands, timeline-wise and if it is before or after the movie (I think after), but I love the introduction of Danielle Brooks from Orange is the New Black as she is a great actor but the only thing I'm not 100% sure on, regarding this show, even with the American Bald Eagle hugging him in the end, is the other character in blue called, Vigilante.  He was just giving me Deadpool vibes really and if i'm honest, I LOVED the Vigilante rendition in the TV Show Arrow.  But let's see how this one pans out!  It looks really good thus far. Also, the T-1000, ummm, yeh!

Directed by James Gun an starring John Cena, Steve Agee, Danielle Brooks, Robert Patrick, Jennifer Holland, Freddie Stroma and Chukwudi Iwuji,

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