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(trailer review) - House of The Dragon

Finally, FINALLY, we have a trailer for one of the world's most popular and most eventful shows that has graced us over the years.  If not one of, THE MOST popular event show ever!  I got into it when I believe it was season 3 deep and I got onto season 1.  My mate said to me to get on it, as he thought I would like it...and he wasn't wrong.  The thing with Game of Thrones is, it wasn't for everybody.  Some people don't like fantasy, medieval times, dragons etc.  Hey, I know people who don't like "Zombies".  And while GoT isn't like a Lord of the Rings and such, it is the characters you fell in love with or loved to hate and the legacy and lore woven into the show.  Everybody got involved and if anything, it found its way into the pop culture zeitgeist.  People felt like they were missing out on a brilliant show because EVERYONE was talking about it in the office.  There are videos, groups on Facebook and even Whatsapp groups about this show.  It was THAT kind of show.  And the trailer for this show, is JUST THAT! The Legacy, the Lore, everything that came before GoT and how the "weirdly" spelt and "weirdly" - "other" family did their thing with the families squabbling over the throne, to become that event show we will all come to love and talk about again over the water cooler.

This trailer is great!  It evokes what we know with even better production design and quality.  It gives us enough to understand whom we are looking at, who the main characters are and although there isn't a single shot of a flying dragon (likely because they are still working on he visual effects), this trailing looks like we are going back to Kings Landing and Dragonstone for a story that will give an insight on the famously white haired Targaryens, something we have ALL been waiting for.  Lets hope there is enough content to keep it going for a while so that it doesn't end up like the last few seasons of GoT.

Directed by Ryan J. Condal and starring Paddy Considine, Emma D'Arcy, Olivia Cooke, Matt Smith, Rhys Ifans, Steve Toussaint, Eve Best, Sonoya Mizuno, Fabien Frankel

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