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(trailer review) - The Witcher: Season 2

( Teaser Trailer ) Now this is a much better trailer than the last one.  This trailer shows us MORE rather than bits of what happened in season one and damn, does this look like the money has gone into it.  I'm not saying that the first season looked like no money was out into it, but it definitely looks like a quality jump. And as I have said before, the issue o had with the first season, whilst I got into it, I couldn't get INTO it and found it hard to track.  The backwards and forwards through time was messing with me and I couldn't follow the story well, hopefully, season two will not have any of that for those with simple minds, eh?  I'm really liking the look of this and the characters with come to know.  It would be interesting how big in scope this story will go, because it IS looking a lot grander!

(trailer review) - Masters of the Universe: Revelation - Part 2

When I finished the first part (and like many others, I never knew it was a first part), I thought it was good.  The twist at the end had me shocked and smiling and I thought it was a great idea, however...the internet cried foul!  The internet went up in flames and fanboys cried and attacked Kevin Smith in any way they could.  Some even said they were done with him and his films etc.  Me, I was unbothered.  Why? Well, it wasn't all of the story.  This second part trailer though, is GREAT!!! There are going to be people who say silly things like, "they had to show this trailer and all the action" not realising it was all apart of the plan and of you ask me, the scale of this! The fact that Prince Adam says he can channel himself INTO He-Man without the Sword.....JUST WOW! Lion-O needs to grow his sword and Bravestarr needs to say chants.  I can see a bunch of people eating their words and I wish I had the links of those who were upset because I would definitely like to he

(trailer review) - Lightyear

  Here's something funny!  I heard about this a while back and although I've seen the thumbnail picture a couple times, this was not something that had stuck with me so ultimately, I completely forgot about it.  Now, upon watching this trailer, I'm legit taken aback with ALL THE DAMN QUESTIONS!!!! Whilst I knew the voice was going to be Chris Evans, this trailer had me asking... "Is this like another Toy Story?", "Is it considered a Toy Story Spin-off", "No, wait...this is the Buzz Lightyear that the Buzz Lightyear toy is based off of IN the Toy Story Cartoon movies, right?", "Wait, Pixar!?!", "Does this mean we could get a Woody?"  I had ALL the questions!!! But upon watching this trailer, although very "word-less", this trailer looks great. I'm loving the animation and I would love to see the Buzz Lightyear character and his universe which doesn't pertain to the Toy Story movies, if that makes sense.  Als

(trailer review) - Ambulance

Ok Michael.  I'm sure I can address Mr. Bay as Michael at this rate.  I've never been one to shy away from saying what I dislike about Michael Bay's directing and have also labelled Zach Snyder as a better Michael Bay than Michael Bay, but I'm pretty sure I've said somewhere that occasionally, just occasionally, Michael Bay will pull out some great movies from time to time.  I'm not going to rack my brain as to which movies I can pull for example, other than Pain & Gain, for now, but he DOES have it in him than glorified swirling shots and unnecessarily explosions.  The fact he got two (arguably) great actors, in their prime, dropping nothing but great content of recent, I have to be involved with this movie, regardless of how I have felt over Michael Bay's directing of Yahya right now might even be considered to be the hardest working man next to or has even surpassed Dwayne Johnson at this point! Two brothers, adopted brothers, (I think of

(trailer review) - Uncharted

  I remember when they stated they were going to be making an Uncharted film.  Truth be told, I'm not at all attached to this franchise because I never had a PlayStation it came out on, although I loved the look of the game.  I'm a Tomb Raider guy first and foremost and I love those games, so when i heard people talking about some guy named Nathan Drake, I was definitely like, Nathan who? With that said...The best part of this trailer review was the Scottish man and the reaction!!!  I laughed soo hard. me it seems it's just Peter Parker without any webs, I could be wrong. It looks interesting but I believe I need another trailer.  I think I need the Uncharted lot to weigh in on this! Directed  by Ruben Fleischer starring Tom Holland, Mark Wahlberg, Sophia Ali, Tati Gabrielle and Antonio Banderas, You can comment down below to enter in discussions. Thank you for reading, Subscribe and Spread the word! - Get your ReelReeviews, right here!

(trailer review) - Peacemaker

  First of all, I'd like to say that, if James Gunn wasn't fired form Disney over tweets that were over 10 years old, we would not be having this trailer.  Think about it! James Gunn was fired from Disney having already written Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 and Warner Bros. and Detective Comics, snapped him up immediately.  They let him do any film he wanted and he chose the Suicide Squad franchise (such a bold choice).  If those chain of events never happened, we would never have gotten this wild trailer for a character named Peacemaker who was introduced in the latest  Suicide Squad movie which was very good.  Sit with that for a moment.  And if you need any help, watch The Suicide Squad and come back to me. This trailer is bonkers! It is funny and if I'm honest, it carries the same level of humour and heart that the movie 'The Suicide Squad' carries and if you read my review, you know I really enjoyed tat movie.  At present, I'm not 100% sure where the movie

(trailer review) - Resident Evil: Welcome to Racoon City

  What I will say off the bat is, the Resident Evil movies were terrible.  They were horrendous BUT, some people liked them and had fun with them.  I was not one of those people.  I saw the first movie and it looked nothing like the first game I played and never completed on the first PlayStation (later called the PSOne).  I then went on to play a little bit of Resident Evil 2 and if I'm honest, I just couldn't get into them how I wanted because those computer games scared me a little, but I would run out of bullets and all that puzzle solving, hassle.  I did get and play Resident Evil 5 and I actually did really enjoy that one.  I was always intrigued with Resident evil and the lore was sooo interesting, but it really did stem from the first game...the mansion, the locked doors, the Lickers, so that first movie was just garbage and I believe I saw another after that, which was also garbage, but THIS trailer, looks alright. The Music is terrible in this trailer, I'

(trailer review) - The Batman

( Teaser Trailer ) Do yourself a favour.  Try to remember all those friends, colleagues and family members who heard Robert Patterson was going to be Batman and they all ranted, raved, screamed and cried about him.  The guy from Twilight and that he isn't a great them this trailer and listen to their views having seen the trailer.  Then cut them off and never speak to them again.  You don't need that type of negativity in your life! This trailer looks amazing! Yo! This trailer! This trailer! That hallway bit where he is walking and they are firing at him and he is simply walking towards them... then beats them up to the muzzle! This trailer looks amazing.  That's all I can say right now!  Shots with The Penguin.  The many shots with Catwoman. Alfred.  Matt Reeves is simply doing the damn business! Directed  by Matt Reeves an starring Robert Pattinson, Zoë Kravitz, Paul Dano, Jeffrey Wright, John Turturro, Peter Sarsgaard, Barry Keoghan, Jayme Laws

(trailer review) - Scream

Hello Sydney! That's ironic! Even I know that line and I couldn't tell you where I last left off with the Scream franchise.  I believe I stopped after Scream 3 but I cannot remember for sure that I watched Scream 3, but I know I watched 1 & 2.  These films where they are rejuvenating the franchise and bringing it back for the old heads as well as the fresh eyes who are yet to see or get involved with these franchises aren't doing a terrible job.  While I liked Candyman, I felt I was too far removed from the mythos of Candyman and the film that came after or, well...the franchise, so maybe I need to re-watch these movies before I watch the new incarnations. This trailer was cool.  A slasher film in the vein of the old school movies, bringing back the old school characters AND on top of that, still coming across as scary and frightening like they literally picked up the script for the first movie and just re-wrote it with different character name and used the old characte

(trailer review) - Dune

(Final Trailer) ( Official Main Trailer ) ( Official Trailer ) ( Official Trailer Teaser ) Could this movie get any more epic.  The trailer literally says big and bold for you to see and read, 'The Next Star Wars, Lord of the Rings is here' (albeit from Collider), but they are not wrong.  A space epic adventure story of good, bad and fights between families with such an epic cast!  Game of Thrones but in space maybe? This trailer gives you even more than the previous trailers and I can't wait to see the movie now.  It just looks epic!  This trailer also gave me Black Panther and Avatar vibes.  The moment Thanos (Josh Brolin) says "they are not human, they're brutal", reminds me of Claw (Andy Serkis) talking about the Wankandan's calling them "savages" and when Stephen Lang were describing the Na'vi in Avatar.  It's the distain for the inhabitants of the planet and likely trying to get control of the Spice which I believe is ON the planet

(trailer review) - Lost In Space: Season 3

I remember seeing or hearing somewhere that there would be a season 3 and that Season 3 would be the final season.  Whilst the show isn't jaw dropping in the least, it is at least, entertaining and I was intrigued as to what was going to happen next.  I also feel like, had this been a weekly release, people would have gravitated to it more because, like I said, it is entertaining, so seeing this teaser trailer has me really intrigued. For those who remember the series from back in the day and then the lacklustre movie, this rendition of Lost In Space was a very different take on the show and movie (from what I vaguely remember) but I really liked the difference and where they were going with it.  The show is very Sci-Fi and I love that.  This trailer shows a physically older Will Robinson who claims this is his final transmission because, once again, he has messed things up.  Will is a problem child and it will be interesting to see where this final season goes.  I loved the twist

(trailer review) - House of The Dragon

Finally, FINALLY, we have a trailer for one of the world's most popular and most eventful shows that has graced us over the years.  If not one of, THE MOST popular event show ever!  I got into it when I believe it was season 3 deep and I got onto season 1.  My mate said to me to get on it, as he thought I would like it...and he wasn't wrong.  The thing with Game of Thrones is, it wasn't for everybody.  Some people don't like fantasy, medieval times, dragons etc.  Hey, I know people who don't like "Zombies".  And while GoT isn't like a Lord of the Rings and such, it is the characters you fell in love with or loved to hate and the legacy and lore woven into the show.  Everybody got involved and if anything, it found its way into the pop culture zeitgeist.  People felt like they were missing out on a brilliant show because EVERYONE was talking about it in the office.  There are videos, groups on Facebook and even Whatsapp groups about this show.  It was T

(trailer review) - The Harder They Fall

( Official Teaser Trailer ) I did say in my last review that the trailer for this film is superb, but damn...this one is just that much better.  It's Black History Month here in the UK and I feel Netflix could have done us a Solid by dropping this a touch early because 3rd November 2021 is a long wait. While it is nice to see an all-star black cast like this, the visuals, the music, everything just looks stunning! It looks like Jonathan Major's character is after Idris Elba and his gang who broke him out of prison for whatever reasons, maybe he is a sherif of that town or maybe there is a personal vendetta, but having this story played out, where if I'm not mistaken is actually based on or loosely based on true events, will be a sight to behold. As  said in my last review, 'I cannot wait to see this and learn more about these people in history as in most film and westerns, you don't ever really see black people as they are usually far and few, so it is nice to have

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