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(trailer review) - Extraction 2

I really enjoyed the first extraction film.  Chris Hemsworth not playing Thor and bussing heads, fighting and running and trying to keep this little boy alive was an entertaining watch.  If you have read my review, the fight scenes were great and there is a tracking shot in there which is great as I love tracking shots, but overall...I loved the movie.   When the movie came to an end, I did wonder if they would be able to make a sequel or prequel, however how would they do this? Could they maybe focus on a different character, but then this trailer came out and, seems like it will be a continuation.  I'm not entirely mad at that, but I would like to know how this can be explained.

The trailer is a teaser that literally gives us the last few moments in the movie with our star of the movie, Rake and a couple of other characters.  Whilst Rake was excellent throughout the movie, it would be nice to have him back bussing heads, like how he was in the first movie, but where this movie is very realistic, it would be interesting if they ret-con anything or introduce some kind of advanced tech.  Even better if they let time pass for healing.  Anyway, we will see.  I can't wait until a proper trailer.

Directed by Joe & Anthony Russo and starring Chris Hemsworth

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