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(trailer review) - The Witcher: Season 2

I'm not going to behave and act as though I completely followed and understood season 1 of this show.  Whilst I watched it, a lot of it just wasn't sinking in.  I attempted to watch this show at least 3 times and it still wasn't sinking in so it is definitely going to be a re-watch before this second season is viewed because whilst I understood some things, the flashbacks at first were not apparent to me.  It was the backwards and forwards through time that I didn't understand nor get/follow. This combination trailer of old footage and new footage is great though.  I'm not going to try and guess what is going on as I barely remember what happened in the first season, but for what I saw, I really enjoyed the first season and from this trailer, I really enjoyed this too, so it would be interesting to get a better trailer and something that could maybe show/tell us more of the second seasons' storyline.  Henry Cavill is just perfect though, I'm just waiting for

(trailer review) - Stranger Things: Season 4

( Eleven, are you listening Trailer ) I woke up to a ton of trailers this morning and with getting through my list I watched this trailer and I can tell you for a fact, this trailer is totally lost on me.  In comparison to the last trailer, although this one is called "Creel house", we see the gang doing some investigating on a house, I'm not sure why, but it is either looking for a clue or a doorway to get to the upside-down and help Elle as the house is known for spirits or bad energy? Wild guess! The family looks great at the beginning, but I am getting a 'The Shinning' vibe from when everything seems all nice (Fallout 3 music and all) and a quick flash cut to the father standing by the door with seemingly dead children on the floor we assumed he killed in a fit of rage.  It would be very interesting if, in his line of work, he volunteered for an experiment to be an enhanced human as he was barely paying the bills, they gave him this new home and he slowly went

(trailer review) - Extraction 2

  I really enjoyed the first extraction film.  Chris Hemsworth not playing Thor and bussing heads, fighting and running and trying to keep this little boy alive was an entertaining watch.  If you have read my review, the fight scenes were great and there is a tracking shot in there which is great as I love tracking shots, but overall...I loved the movie.   When the movie came to an end, I did wonder if they would be able to make a sequel or prequel, however how would they do this? Could they maybe focus on a different character, but then this trailer came out and, seems like it will be a continuation.  I'm not entirely mad at that, but I would like to know how this can be explained. The trailer is a teaser that literally gives us the last few moments in the movie with our star of the movie, Rake and a couple of other characters.  Whilst Rake was excellent throughout the movie, it would be nice to have him back bussing heads, like how he was in the first movie, but where t

(trailer review) - Ozark: Season 4

If you haven't read my series 3 review, it goes without saying that Ozark is a show that caught me off-guard and I love it! A family who get dragged into a crime syndicate of money laundering and murders. Where, not only are they trying to have a normal but dysfunctional life, they are also trying to stay alive and not be killed or jailed . This first look trailer doesn't show us much at all, but having seen the first 3 seasons already, this trailer reminds you where we left off and how potentially messed up things are going to get.  A proper trailer will be better, but I'm all in at this point. Directed by Bill Dubuque and Mark Williams and starring Jason Bateman, Laura Linney, You can comment down below to enter in discussions. Thank you for reading, Subscribe and Spread the word! - Get your ReelReeviews, right here!

(film review) - Candyman

The first trailer for this movie came out in February 2020 and due to world changing events such as the Corona Virus Pandemic, trailers started popping up again around June 2021 and whilst this film have been on the shelf waiting for a release date and eventually a release, I couldn't wait to tuck into this movie.  I saw the original Candy when I was younger and I liked it.  Tony Todd is definitely a house hold name and if you don't know the name, you know the voice. I believe I saw Candyman 2 and no others, if there were any others.  So this movie seemed to be a continuation from the previous movies, a franchise reboot or both and I'm guessing you are wondering if I thought it was worth the wait, well sorta. Anthony McCoy is a struggling visual artist trying to get his work well recognised and out there.  He lives with his girlfriend Brianna Cartwright an Art Gallery Director and during a get together with Brianna's brother Troy and his partner Grady, troy tells a haun

(trailer review) - YOU: Season 3

  So, we now have the season 3 of this engaging show called YOU, about a man who gets obsessed with people he would like to pursue.  People he falls in love with in such an obsessive fashion, he will do anything for them, including get rid of and/or kill those who treat them badly in any kind of way.  On top of that, he mostly does all of this from a far! This show is great and Joe moves in such a creepy fashion and this trailer shows it.  His internal thoughts are creepy, captivating and chilling, but Love, his girlfriend is pretty much a mirror of him and it seems he can't seem to keep himself to himself and live happily ever after because there is always another woman he is obsessing over.  Couple that with Love being involved and their new born baby, Love, who is equally as psychotic as him, it will be interesting to see who would kill who in this relationship first, because...someone has got to die, right? Directed  by Sera Gamble and starring Penn Badgley, Elizabeth Lail, Aws

(trailer review) - Halloween Kills

() You know, I thought the other trailers were great! I recently watched the very first Halloween recently so I could watch the second one also named Halloween which came out. I say second one because Halloween 2018 was meant to be a reboot/continuation of the first movie completely disregarding any other Halloween movie that came after like Halloween 2, Halloween 3 up to Halloween 8??? Then there was a reboot of the franchise that only went two films deep directed by Rob Zombie.  However, David Gordon Green basically came on board and directed the 2018 version and declaring anything that came before it that isn't the 1978 version, is not canon or apart of the overall story and this trailer kills! Right now I cannot remember the 1978 version currently, but the 2018 version was decent. I enjoyed the atmospheric scenes and we are reintroduced to Michael, someone who does not seem to die, want to do or run, for that matter. Forever walking and teleporting and this trailer is no differ

(trailer review) - Don't Look Up

  What is this? We have seen DiCaprio in some great movies and in some very notable roles, but for me, this reminds me of a Wolf of Wall Street flavour, maybe somewhat with the comedy a little bit more but I don't know what it is, this looks like it's right up my street.  With that said, I just google what Adam McKay has done before this as I recognise the name and of course, Anchorman, The Other Guys, Anchorman 2 among many more, these are just the ones I've watched. This looks funny! What is it, two people discovering that the end of the world is imminent and taking the information to the presidential office and the presidential office is unphased by it all but the two discoverers are practically having a fit about the world ending? Yeah, I need to see the offical trailer but already I'm kinda sold! Seeing Turk Barrett from the MCU Netflix series, I'm definitely down! Directed  by Adam McKay and starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Lawrence, Rob Morgan, Jonah Hill

(trailer review) - The Matrix: Resurrections

(Official Teaser) ( Teaser Trailer ) WOW, just wow!!! I've watched this trailer several times and I'm just in awe of it, really.  The teaser trailer gave me all these thoughts about the Matrix Trilogy and what the film has done for cinema.  Watching this trailer, whilst it seems nothing have been revolutionised since because, well...The Matrix WAS the trendsetter for bullet-time from which they have incorporated it in other movies and even a top game called Max Payne among just a few, at this point, I don't care about the technology, but the story more so. Whilst a lot of people have not seen the original Matrix or the trilogy for that matter, this movie may bring people BACK to the trilogy and maybe back to the cinema to watch it this Christmas. This trailer, visually is simply incredible. From the very beginning of it where the town just doesn't look real as it is too pristine, to the special effects of a police officer changing into an Agent. Updated, smoother and cr

(film review) - Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings

What did I need from an MCU Disney Martial Arts movie? Well Martial Arts first and foremost.  I definitely wanted the sound of flapping clothes in the wind when someone is jumping in the air and I also wanted a great story, but something just as good/great as Black Panther (in the MCU), but for the Asian audience because, quality representation matters.  If the film looked just as stunning and as beautiful as Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon or Hero, I'd say, Disney has done a great job with this film.  So, I guess the question then becomes, has Disney done a great job with Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings? Yes, Yes they have. Shang-Chi (Simu Liu) was raised to be a warrior by his father "The Mandarin" who is known to be a dangerous and powerful warlord and the leader of the Ten Rings organisation.  However, these Ten Rings are a physical instrument and weapons Shang-Chi will eventually inherit when they are eventually passed down.  Whilst trying to stay away from

(trailer review) - The Matrix: Resurrections

So ummm, there has been a little talk recently in regards to The Matrix and John Wick coming out on the same day, both starring Keanu Reeves. Whilst I think by now, one of these movies has moved to another date, you can't help but think about what they are going to do with this series going forward after The Matrix: Revolutions back in 2003. Whilst some people were merely born, just born or a glimmer of hope in a parent's eye back in 1999, The Matrix revolutionised film and whilst the sequels didn't get as much attention as the first in regards to where they were going with the story and as the movies went on, the quality got worse (I kinda liked them personally, but the two sequels were different from the first), it is definitely a wonder with Resurrections, what will happen with the story now? What will be different from before? Since we know the story if you have seen the original trilogy, is this essentially a soft reboot/sequel using the same actors? I mean this teaser

(trailer review) - James Bond: No Time To Die

  (Final International Trailer) ( Final US Trailer ) ( Trailer 2 ) ( Big Game Spot Trailer ) ( Original Trailer ) Here's something funny and a little secret, I will share with you guys.  Sometimes I backdate my reviews.  Trailer reviews or movie reviews, any review I hadn't got the time to write.  Usually this is because I see a trailer and can't actually review there and then, so I come back to it later or a film I had to think about before reviewing or even watch again so I can collect my thoughts.  I will always publish the date as to when I first saw the film or trailer, but I'm just letting you know, how THIS review came about. So a few days ago, I saw the Bond trailer but I was unable to review it at the time because I was out and about.  Today, 2nd September 2021, I decided to write my review, but I would obviously backdate it.  Having briefly seen the trailer, I decided to look for the trailer to watch again before reviewing.  As I scroll through YouTube, I stum

(trailer review) - Red Notice

  Sometimes we forget that Netflix like to drop a few gems from time-to-time to let us know they are in the business of making great movies.  This is not to say all their movies are great, even with the talent they have, but this trailer, with two of the most talked about stars in Hollywood right now, in the same movie and both practically playing themselves or a character they have played thousands of times already, with quippy one-liners and action and explosion, we can not really go wrong, can we?  Insert Gal to be a sassy one and essentially the main antagonist, I can assure you, this is a ilm I really want to see. Whilst the story doesn't seem to be brand new, police officer teams up with criminal to catch even worse criminal, it looks like we will have a barrel of laughs with this one.  there were a few lines that made me laugh and the line that got me was..."we both know, that this thing is going to end, with you in Handcuffs"..."Promises promises"...LOL!

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