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(trailer review) - The King's Man

Red Band Trailer - Please note adult themed material.

I'm starting to like that we are starting to see Red Band trailers more and more as I feel they have been missing for a while.  No, I don't need the swearing and/or blood in trailers, as in, it's not essential to entice me to watch a movie, but sometimes it's nice to hear them from time to time in a trailer for a movie for that bit of tongue in cheek.  Let's face it, they don't make movies like they used to, when 15 was a 15 and 18 was an 18 and there was little to no focus on toy's or franchises. For me I feel it is all over the place currently but whatever, just give me some great movies, you know.

The first movie was great and whilst I enjoyed the second one, it did lack something the first one gave.  I can't quite pinpoint it, but when you think of The Kingsmen, the second one doesn't really grab you more than the first with those excellent memorable moments and judging by this trailer, we are getting style and a little substance like the trailer for the second movie, but will we get a great film?
Seeing Dijmon Honsou, such a talented actor, along with Ralph Fiennes, you just can't go wrong with these two or the cast.  What IS interesting is, whilst it is nice seeing Charles Dance, Daniel Bruhl too?  Hopefully, Matthew Vaughn has learn from the second movie, this one is great and then moves onto a 4, 5 and 6...hopefully? It's not a dead franchise I don't think and it does have promise, so let's see if this one is any good.

Directed by
 Matthew Vaughn and starring Ralph Fiennes, Gemma Arterton, Rhys Ifans, Matthew Goode, Tom Hollander, Harris Dickinson, Daniel Brühl, Djimon Hounsou and Charles Dance

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