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(trailer review) - James Bond: No Time To Die

  (Final US Trailer) ( Trailer 2 ) ( Big Game Spot Trailer ) ( Original Trailer ) The 4th December 2019 is when I caught the first trailer for this movie.  Imagine, several days later on the 19th December 2019, I caught the trailer for Tenet.  Tenet came out last year in August 2020 grossing just over 350 million from a 200 million budget and whilst most of Christopher Nolan movies gross averaging around 5x his budget, maybe he should have placed the film on hold like how this one has been.  Universal have held onto this film for a theatrical release and judging by this trailer, it seems as though, that was the best thing to do, especially with no day and date release. This final trailer is much different from the rest as it shows us some clips and scenes from previous Bond movies.  Bond movies have been up and down per movie which leads me to think that this one is going to be excellent and on the level of Skyfall, of we were to follow the pattern.  A story that has led him to this po

(trailer review) - The King's Man

Red Band Trailer - Please note adult themed material. I'm starting to like that we are starting to see Red Band trailers more and more as I feel they have been missing for a while.  No, I don't need the swearing and/or blood in trailers, as in, it's not essential to entice me to watch a movie, but sometimes it's nice to hear them from time to time in a trailer for a movie for that bit of tongue in cheek.  Let's face it, they don't make movies like they used to, when 15 was a 15 and 18 was an 18 and there was little to no focus on toy's or franchises. For me I feel it is all over the place currently but whatever, just give me some great movies, you know. The first movie was great and whilst I enjoyed the second one, it did lack something the first one gave.  I can't quite pinpoint it, but when you think of The Kingsmen, the second one doesn't really grab you more than the first with those excellent memorable moments and judging by this trailer, we are

(trailer review) - Spider-Man: No Way Home

I'm not sure how I feel about this! This has to be Hollywood's worse kept secret and with the entire UNIVERSE (it would seem) wanting to see a SpiderM-an trailer, Sony has been forced to drop the trailer because of a trailer leak around 24hrs ago.  I wonder if it was planned all along just to get the fans at a fever pitch or did this person who leaked it ruin the plans and the hard work many has put into this movie There were talks of not being a trailer before the film, then there were talks of a trailer being dropped next week after New York Comic-Con, but the leak, whether planned or not has forced this trailer out.  Sigh.  But what do I think of the trailer anyhow? Awesomeness personified!!! As some may know, this trailer picks up straight after the events of 'Far From Home' and Peter Parker is on the "run" as everyone knows he is Spider-Man and he was the person who "Killed" Mystereo, however, to make it that everyone forgets his identity, he se

(trailer review) - Eternals

( Teaser Trailer ) Ok, it seems I might have missed a few trailers for this movie or Marvel have decided to be a little different with the trailers for this because this trailer shows soo much I've not seen before and it looks GREAT! Like how many trailers have they put out yet? I said before that the t ailer doesn't show me much but blimey, this trailer seems to answer all the question we had been asking.  I'm really starting to love that Marvel seem to be IN the audience's heads and tackling the question we would ask about the lore/world of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.  So, if this happened, why didn't so-and-so do this and come and help or why didn't blah blah come with blah blah to help.  A problem the MCU can have, is people forever asking these questions, but the real of it is, people are always out doing something else with their own problems and/or demons they need to fight. It's similar with real world things and life, you don't hear from some

(trailer review) - Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings

(Rise Up Trailer) ( Need Trailer ) ( Official Trailer ) ( Official Teaser ) Here is something you can laugh at me about.  So I've been ill for the past couple of days (it got me!), so I've not been online as much as I would normally.  I'm constantly tired, not much energy, but there is something that I did notice, a Rick Ross song poster with 3 "rings" next to it.  Considering Idris Elba was recently cast to play Knuckles in the Sonic 2 movie, it is possible, my mind was on Sonic and not the fact that the new Song "Run It" has nothing to do with Sonic, a though I had when I saw the poster and more to do with Shang-Chi, also confirmed by the end of this trailer. Haha... This is a great trailer.  It shows a bit more of the action and different characters such as Abomination a bit clearer, the shear size of him, fighting what seems to be Wong from Doctor Strange. A few fight scenes we have already scene but closing out with a gag which actually works for th

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