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trailer review) - The Protégé

Due to the panini, the pandemonium, the pancake mix, the pancetta or whatever we want to label last years infamous word of 2020, the Pandemic, movies went on hold for an entire year.  Of course there were a few that tried to come out and didn't do too well, Bloodshot, Tenet etc, (although having not seen Bloodshot, Tenet WAS the better film), we are currently being inundated with trailers and movies and if I'm being honest, I do feel some films are really going to feel the wrath of a scared and concerned people.  People do not want to go into cinemas due to risking catching a case of Corona Virus 2019.  Movies such as Black Widow has not grossed the money it would have normally on opening weekend and rightfully so, because no one really wants to go to the cinema...oh, and Disney released it also on Disney+ at the same time.  People are being more selective about what they are coming out of their homes to watch.  With that said, right now, cinema's are pretty empty and NOW is the perfect time to go.  Also, with that said, we need a reminder of which films are coming out so we can make that choice.  The Protégé is that movie...maybe.

This trailer could have been better.  A 33 second clip with Samuel L. Jackson and Maggie Q is great but where was the action? Where was the Drama?  They could have at least included 10 more seconds of flash imagery of the movie.  I felt this was lackluster and the fact they spent money on this leads me to believe the movie won't actually be that bad since the studio put some money behind it for this's just that, this trailer doesn't do much to get people out of their homes to want to watch it, you know?  Maybe the studio will drop something a bit more substantial and meaty before the movie is out.

Directed by Martin Campbell and starring Maggie Q, Samuel L. Jackson and Michael Keaton

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