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(trailer review) - King Richard

I don't know much about Tennis.  I know how to play it, I think.  You know, hit the ball over the net and the scoring is a little weird, but other than that, I think I am quite competent in swinging a racket and running left to right.  I actually don't mind playing the sport in video games too, but strangely enough, I don't watch it.  I don't watch Venus or Serena Williams play either.  I might have seen a few games here and there if the Tennis is on but, I've never been too involved in sport like that.  I'm the same with Football and other sports, I just don't care for them that much.  But this trailer... this trailer looks sooo so good, I am fully intrigued and would like to see this movie as I'm sure this will go into detail on the amazing work Richard has done for his family especially his daughters.

I don't know much about Serena & Venus' life growing up.  I heard somewhere that the town the grew up in was riddled in gang violence etc, so this movie based on their father and what he did for them looks more than just great.  His drive and how he pushed his family to be the best they can be and to try and keep them off the streets and away from the crime to become the most famous sisters in Tennis we now know them as winning trophies after trophies is something I need to see.  Will Smith is unrecognisable in this as well.  Looks like its going to be an amazingly strong performance and possibly Oscar worthy.

Directed by Reinaldo Marcus Green and starring Will Smith, Aunjanue Ellis, Jon Bernthal, Saniyya Sidney, Demi Singleton, Tony Goldwyn & Dylan McDermott

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