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(film review) [STREAMING] - The Tomorrow War

First of all, I'm still awaiting on 'Cowboy, Ninja, Viking', a movie which was meant to star Chris Pratt i heard many many moons ago...maybe something like 5 years ago or more.  Secondly, I'm still awaiting 'Y: The Next Man' or is it, 'Y: The Last Man'? I can't remember the exact title but I think the latter and was also meant to star Chris, I think, so hearing about this and also seeing a trailer threw me because I never heard of it until now.  There could be reasons for that and if I'm honest, this film has great ideas, a great premise and a decent enough execution, but the film as a whole, was...well, a good romp! I'll explain.

Dan Forester (Chris Pratt) is an ex-soldier and science teacher with a wife and daughter.  On the night of a football/Soccer game, Dan receives news he didn't get a job he applied for and whilst watching the football game, the game is interrupted by time-travellers from the future who state the human race will be extinct in 30 years and that they have returned from the future to draft more able bodies to help fight the war in the future. Dan is enlisted, which means he will need to travel into the future to save the world and everyone on it from extinction.

The premise is cool.  The visuals are great. the enemy is excellent and the story is good.  Where this film breaks down for me, is some of the dialogue choices and the third act.  I felt the third act felt rushed and unimaginative. I understood it all but after and excellent 2 acts, the third felt like waste! Even some moments at the very end and something Dan does and I thought "Really???"  Dan is not a superhero, he is a mere man who can die from a headshot to the face.  But this feat he pulls off was beyond super heroic.

The acting was great although I felt Sam should have had a little bit more to do as I liked his character and his small character arc.  His teleportation at the end was random to me and unnecessary...oh and unbelievable.  J.K . Simmons was excellent as always and so was Chris Pratt.  There was a moment at the beginning where these two are talking and something is said and the delivery and the action was poor.  It seems like terrible acting between the both of them so it felt weird to me.  I also thought Edwin Hodge was great too and I like his story, it felt different, especially when you combine his and Sam's characters who were complete opposites.  But besides these things, I loved the visuals, some of the camera choices and there were some real brutal deaths where I would audibly make a sound.  But all in all, I think I might have felt a little let down in the cinema so the Amazon Prime watch was great. I just felt they could have done a touch more and it would have been great. Maybe even drop the third act altogether, I don't know, something just felt a little off by the end, like the movie was a touch too long, yet I've seen longer movies.  Maybe, we could have done without some of the elements in act two to maybe clean up the movies and streamline it.  I'd definitely watch again though.

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