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(trailer review) - Ghostbusters: Afterlife

( Mini-Puft Character Reveal Trailer ) ( Official Trailer ) When they first dropped a trailer some time in 2019!!! I honestly felt that this rendition AND reboot of the Ghostbusters franchise was seemingly closer to the original in spirit, like a spiritual successor, no pun intended.  Having seen this second trailer, I can definitely confirm and truly believe that this WILL be a much better movie than the all women one they brought out a few years ago.  Not because it was all women or anything like that, but that movie felt like it was a corpse with no heart, there was not much life to it at all and where it was funny in places, it just didn't seem to offer much. This trailer is GREAT! The tie-ins to the original Ghostbusters movie does not feel forced.  It seems as though the original two are used as an anchor to steady this ship so the story does not go off the rails.  It has enough modern to it whilst bringing back some old school elements, wasn't that that dog-beast-thingy

(trailer review) - Army of Thieves

It's funny that I read the title of this movie and instantly thought 'Den of Thieves' and questioned myself with, "Didn't they do a film with this name recently?".  My brain knew it was something familiar to me but I couldn't quite place it.  It was only when I pressed play on the trailer and saw the guy from Army of the Dead, that I realised what I was looking at, the prequel to Army of the Dead by Zack Snyder and instantly, I was intrigued. You see I read about this when I was reviewing Army of the Dead and thought it was a little strange, but of course, interesting.  The world which makes up Army of the Dead is something, for those who liked Army of the Dead, fascinating especially where there might be some time travel involved and the Zombies, might not even be, well...Zombies.  If Snyder can do a series of movies within this world but centred around different things and different story elements, it could be quite compelling, especially if you dig litt

(series review) [STREAMING] - Masters of the Universe: Revelation

I'll start off by saying, He-Man was 'that guy' when I was growing up.  I remember some of the characters as I had the toys.  He-Man was the toy before the toys for me.  Some guy who turns into this barbarian type guy with a sword who rides a panther of some sort called Battlecat.  Big sword, muscled, defeating evil, yeah buddy!  Masters of the Universe: Revelation was described to be a continuation from this show of the 80's, pick up where that show left off and going forward.  Kevin Smith, a director, stand-up comedian, writer among many other talents, is the showrunner, writer and executive producer. He-Man is about a man named Adam who uses a magical sword that turns him into a powerful god-like warrior after he utters the words "By the power of Grayskull, I have the power".  He uses this power to thwart the evil demon named Skeletor who seeks the power of Grayskull and the Power Sword.  Skeletor often joins forces with a witch named Evil-Lyn and there are

(trailer review) - Dune

( Official Trailer ) ( Official Trailer Teaser ) Oh right!? We are back here and I don't think the word 'epic' very much justifies nor brings as much gravitas to what this trailer really is.  It needs to be noted that, THIS is a cinema film.  I don't say that to make it seem like other films in the cinema are not, but visually, musically...when the trailer was finished, I said, "I need to see this in the best physical way that will grant the highest and greatest eye stimulation and spectacle because this film looks absolutely beautiful". Hans Zimmer on the score too!!! We get a bit more here.  Although we got the gist in the previous trailer, this trailer shows us much more. More talking, more action, more scope.  Two families, clans or waring factions battling it out against each other and I'm getting a rich and poor power dynamic, although I could be wrong, but aesthetically.  How long is this movie to capture all of this glory in this trailer? I tell yo

(trailer review) - Snake Eyes

(Final Trailer) ( Trailer 2 ) ( Official Trailer ) This trailer wasn't great, I'm not going to lie.  It played a lot of what we have seen before in previous trailers and whilst that is a good thing not to spoil a movie giving away everything, I also felt like they have in fact, given away everything in this trailer.  For some reason I felt as though this trailer was very hollow. The cool bike scene seems to have been extended a little and there is a burning building which could be the very end fight scene, but they really didn't need to give away the Storm Shadow reveal, as one, I didn't know he would have been Storm Shadow and would have probably like to have seen that in the movie, and two, to also work that out in the movie. I saw the white suit and instantly thought Storm Shadow and then he says, "Call me Storm Shadow". That's likely the very last short in the movie.  I feel like they are clutching at straws after this trailer but let’s hope the movie

(trailer review) - Titans: Season 3

I'm not sure how I feel about this trailer, I'm not.  For the most part, although I enjoyed season 2, it is either the lack of interconnectivity or the gaps between shows, but I feel like this series is forgettable.  Strangely enough though, the second season brought us Slade Wilson aka Deathstroke, his daughter and Superboy.  So, for the most part, not THAT forgettable, but I just thought this trailer would have shown us more.  Are the trailers bad? Are the stories not that engaging unlike Umbrella Academy? or is there just not enough people watching this show so the recapping and talk of elements of the show is simply just getting lost because the show has no buzz?  I feel somewhat the same with Stargirl too.  You will see I saw the first season of that too, but for some reason, DC movies and shows just don't seem to hit me on a re-watchability level.  It's not even a Marvel vs. DC situation either.  Maybe if there was some interconnectivity, maybe I would be more inv

(film review) - Black Widow

We are currently in a funny place with the MCU at the moment.  I say this because there has been a year with NO MCU movies, the second to last MCU movie, there were some seemingly prominent deaths and the last MCU movie showed us a bit of how life is or will be after the events of Endgame. On another note, after the year gap AND the MCU now going into TV, MTU (maybe, working title), Disney has now released 3 TV shows connected to the MCU showing the continuation of the stories from our favourite and beloved characters after the events of Endgame.  So where does Black Widow sit within the timeline and having it arrive now, is it a healthy addition to the timeline? Should it have come out now after the events of Endgame? Is it a little too late? Do we even care anymore? Is it any good? Where does it leave the MCU now that it is out?  Soo many questions, soo many...but I guess I can try to answer them starting with, well, the film is good-ish.  I'll explain. Black Widow picks up after

(film review) - Fast and Furious 9

The Fast and the Furious franchise started in June 2001.  Considering this movie was meant to come out last year but the studio pushed it back a full year due to Covid-19, released May/June 2021, the 9th instalment marks 20 years of Dominic Toretto, the near, if not, superhuman character infamously known for his street racing and driving Fast & Furious stealing DVD's from the back of trucks in heists, to now taking on an Army of men, assassins, spies, you name it and coming out virtually unscathed with the gravelly mention of "Family" at some point during his speeches.  While the franchise was taking a dip until franchise viagra, Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson stepped in, the franchise has leaned more and more into the craziness and absurd with nothing but big explosions, death-defying stunts and, well...Fast cars driving furiously.  Is this 9th instalment any good though? Ummm...I guess? Dominic Toretto is living a quiet life with, until he is interru

(trailer review) - Marvel Studios' What If...

When Marvel mentioned this a while back, it was an interesting concept because a lot of us MCU fans may have thought this very thing, "What if Steve Rogers didn't become Captain America or what if Tony Stark didn't become Ironman? Well, with this trailer you can now Have some of those questions answered or at least give you some examples of what if...  This looks great! Some excellent animation, visuals and concepts. I really like the idea of this and although I'm not sure how long each episode would be, seeing Killmonger helping Tony Stark was interesting. I couldn't make out who was Hulk but all these ideas are something to sink our teeth into.  I heard a little while ago, it's a 'What if' for every movie...all 20-something of them. Starring Jeffrey Wright You can comment down below to enter in discussions. Thank you for reading, Subscribe and Spread the word! - Get your ReelReeviews, right here!

(film review) [STREAMING] - The Tomorrow War

First of all, I'm still awaiting on 'Cowboy, Ninja, Viking', a movie which was meant to star Chris Pratt i heard many many moons ago...maybe something like 5 years ago or more.  Secondly, I'm still awaiting 'Y: The Next Man' or is it, 'Y: The Last Man'? I can't remember the exact title but I think the latter and was also meant to star Chris, I think, so hearing about this and also seeing a trailer threw me because I never heard of it until now.  There could be reasons for that and if I'm honest, this film has great ideas, a great premise and a decent enough execution, but the film as a whole, was...well, a good romp! I'll explain. Dan Forester (Chris Pratt) is an ex-soldier and science teacher with a wife and daughter.  On the night of a football/Soccer game, Dan receives news he didn't get a job he applied for and whilst watching the football game, the game is interrupted by time-travellers from the future who state the human race will b

(trailer review) - Masters of the Universe: Revelation

( Offical Teaser ) We back here again and this is looking GREAT!!!  Tell me that this trailer does not "bang", please! Let's have a discussion! As I stated in my last review, "The 1980's was an explosive year for cartoons AND film and it has been extremely difficult to recreate content from that era." - With that said, everyone of around, maybe 30-35 to 40-50 will remember He-Man.  Back in those days, cartoons were great. some campier than others but for the most part, these action cartoons were great! Visionaries, Centurions, M.A.S.K, only to mention a few.  I can take it to Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors and Thundercats...and everyone remembers Transformers and Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles.  Whilst over the years, some IP has been better than others with staying the mainstream, I'd like to think, there is a craving for some of these shows!  I mean, from the list I mentioned, Jayce and the Wheeled Warrior in THIS ANIMATION STYLE WOULD DESTROY THE INTERNE

(trailer review) - Star Wars: Visions

Whoa whoa whoa! So I saw this link and I clicked on it which lef me to this trailer/clip showing us what they want to do with Star Wars: Visions.  While ultimately, when this was first announced, everyone looked at the wording, heard/read the description, NOBODY CARED.  I didn't, that's for sure.  But that's because talking about Star Wars Visions isn't really that cool until some concepts are out there and then you can let your mind run wild! This, blimey!  In case you are unaware, Star Wars the franchise, is inspired by old school Japanese samurai movies/stories.  The aesthetics are loosely samurai visuals with "futuristic" elements and takes on it.  The aesthetics are also loosely western visuals, so a Futuristic, lived in universe combined with Western movies/TV shows and Japanese movies/TV shows. So to see them take the franchise loosely based on Samurai' and Westerns to bring it back to Samurai and Anime BLOWS MY MIND! Did you see the pictures? They

(trailer review) - Beckett

Ummm, what is this please? Netflix of recent have been dropping a few gems here and there.  Whilst some shows and movies do need work and they are striving for their own IP and having lost a few IP back to Disney, it is refreshing to see Netflix as an independent studio like MGM, Fox and Sony etc.  But what is this? John David Washington back in a Netflix movie since Malcolm & Marie and this movie looks different but also very intriguing. I'm not sure what it is, but it comes across as very intense and somewhat racial?  I'm definitely getting some racial tones in here, possibly because it's a bunch of white people chasing and shooting at a black man, especially as he had a white girlfriend and it seems as though she is killed.  I'm thinking the movie, 'The Fugitive' with Harrelson Ford.  Maybe they think he did it?  He's a foreigner on their soil as well, it's all a bit crazy and intriguing and intense.  I think I'm down for it! I do like Alicia.

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