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(trailer review) - Respect

I heard about this film soo long ago I forgot it was even happening.  Now that I'm seeing the trailer, wow!

I didn't watch Dreamgirls, as likely at the time it didn't appeal to me.  However whilst watching this trailer, I couldn't help but smile!  I did feel the creation of the RESPECT song felt forced but who knows how it was actually created? maybe I'm being overly judgmental.  It was a different time then and I guess I will need to think different when it comes to some things like this, but for the most part, everything I was seeing in this trailer was good and made me smile.

Looks like there might be some treachery, jealousy and/or backstabbing.  Aretha trying to overcome all her obstacles and pursue her chosen career, I love it.  I recognise Tituss Burgess from 'Dolemite Is My Name' and it's always great seeing Mary J. Blige acting.  I doubt this movie will be very tragic, drama, yes but for the most part, I feel this movie will be very heartwarming.

Directed by
 Liesl Tommy and starring Jennifer Hudson,Forest Whitaker,Marlon Wayans,Audra McDonald,Marc Maron,Tituss Burgess,Saycon Sengbloh,Hailey Kilgore,Tate Donovan & Mary J. Blige

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