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(trailer review) - The Harder They Fall

It's nice to see an all-star black cast like this.  I would say it doesn't happen often, but I guess it does.  Tyler Perry movies and such but although I'm not saying his movies are not quality, look at the cast! Look at the trailer! I mean, it's Regina King, Idris Elba, Jonathan Majors, Zazie Beetz, LaKeith Stanfield AND Delroy Lindo! Could this cast get any greater?

This trailer looks superb and was giving me a Tarantino feel (just a little) and the vibes of Dolemite Is My Name, and with the angles, the shots, everything about it was giving me a comic book feel, but as a western and with historical black folks from that era.  The incorporation of the music, one I know very very VERY well and black people of around my age, especially in London would definitely know this tune too; linked to the scenes and shots, like the gun firing or the turning of the wheels on the train in tune with the music, excellent.  I cannot wait to see this and learn more about these people in history as in most film and westerns, you don't ever really see black people as they are usually far and few, so it is nice to have some representation.  Another trailer would be excellent.

Directed by Jeymes Samuel and starring Jonathan Majors,Idris Elba,Zazie Beetz,LaKeith Stanfield,Delroy Lindo,Regina King,Trailer,Trailer Review,

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