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(film review) - A Quiet Place II

Emily Blunt is one of my favourite female actors right now.  I cannot remember what I first saw her in, maybe Looper with Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Bruce Willis, but she was great in that.  Another film she was great in was, Live. Die. Repeat and from that point, I knew I would pretty much love her in anything she is in.  Of course I had seen the first A Quiet Place movie and I loved it.  It took me a while before I saw it, but when I did and heard about the sequel, I was 100% down.  But is this a good sequel?  Yes, yes it is.

Picking up from the events of the last movie, the Abbott's family continue on their journey to look for other survivors.  Evelyn travels with her deaf daughter, son and baby until they bump into another survivor.  Now knowing how to incapacitate the creatures, Regan conjures up a plan to pass on her knowledge to others which means travelling to a radio tower to pass the frequency on to help weaponise it against the creatures.

There is nothing more I can really say about this movie without spoiling it, but I really enjoyed this movie.  I loved how it started because I was not expecting it, but how it starts shows you exactly what you are getting into immediately.  It's a crash course of what to expect.  If you hadn't watched the first movie, the opening scenes scream at you that, no noise is to be made or you are pretty much dead.  It's brilliant.  There are scenes where we have a perspective and it is quiet, which bring us a contrast of action in silence which was really cool, very few films incorporate silent action into their movies.

As the movies goes on though, there is one or two bits I didn't like and wondered how something was possible or how someone knew something, etc, unless it was just instinct...but for the most part, I loved that they touched on the fact that, in a situation like this, outside your family unit or maybe even within your family unit, monsters can be anywhere and anyone and you cannot trust anybody.  What makes life in this world difficult, is not to make any noise and that is where ALL of the tension is coming from. Can you imagine travelling to your local corner shop without make any noise? I guess it sounds simple until everything around you is quiet.  It's like when you are creeping in the dead of night.

Whilst some might not like this movie because it doesn't do much different from the first movie, but you do get some progression with the Abbotts family and their story along with perspectives of other's in the same situation.  I doubt you would hate the movie if you have seen the first movie, but if you do not like jump scares, this will not be the movie for you.  If you did really enjoy the first movie, there is a chance you will love this one, although the movies does split the story between the characters, you are never not bored and kept at the edge of your seat.  The acting is also excellent from every cast member and although the children have grown a little since, it really doesn't mess up the story or the feel of the characters.  If John can get another on the way immediately , would be great!

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