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(trailer review) - The Protégé

I forgot about The Hitman's Wife's Bodyguard and Samuel L. Jackson being in that, so now that I've seen that trailer, reviewed it and now seeing this one, I instantly thought in my head, "Sam is doing a lot of work!" The fact of the matter is that actors can do many movies in a single year, but it just depends when they drop, so sometimes it seems like one actor is in 6 movies in a single year when really they were shot at different times over a number of years.  At first it seems wild, but it's good to keep busy, you know.  And Maggie Q, to me, just hasn't been! I have not seen her in a while and whilst I know the name, I cannot at the top of my head recall a movie she was in last.  Regardless, this looks good.

I do feel Sam is a little too big of an actor so it is a little difficult to see him in one-off movies playing side characters and not think he's Samuel L. M.F. Jackson, you know? But strangely enough, I was definitely getting 'The Hitman's Bodyguard' vibes but more 'The Long Kiss Goodnight'.  One of my favourites by the way.  It looks like he dies too and maybe a revenge quest but adding 'The Batman 1989' himself, the great Michael Keaton who, whom is also massively famous, but not as larger than life as Sam, in my humble opinion, I can see him as this antagonist (so it seems) and not The Vulture or Birdman...damn three winged creatures in a single  From the studio that brought us John Wick and the Director of Casino Royal, I'm sure it's meant to guarantee awesomeness, well I'd hope so, as it does look good.

Directed by Martin Campbell and starring Maggie Q, Samuel L. Jackson and Michael Keaton

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