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(film review) - Godzilla vs Kong

It's funny, this is the kind of movie you would want to see in the cinema, personal taste depending of course.  But if you liked films like Pacific Rim, Pacific Rim: Uprising and the other Kong and Godzilla movies such as Skull Island and King of Monsters, then this movie is right up your street.
In previous movies, the complaints with them were that, there was either too much human story and not enough monster or at the beginning, barely any monster and that is a major issue.  As the years went on, they did get better with this but always kept a human element to the films using human characters.  What's the point of seeing a movie called Godzilla, but you barely see him!? It would be different if it was a psychological thriller/horror, right? Godzilla vs. Kong is not only a cinema movie, but you see a lot of these monsters up and close and although we still have human characters, this is a whole lot better.

Some time has passed since the events of Godzilla: King of Monsters and Kong is under watch whilst Godzilla seems to be on a rampage attacking Apex Cybernetics.  The host of a conspiracy theory podcast is trying to seek information on Apex Cybernetics because of these ongoing attacks until he meets Madison and her friend Josh.  Whilst they are searching for clues on Godzilla's behaviour and the possible nefarious involvement of Apex, a plan is hatched by Apex CEO Walter Simmons, who recruits Nathan to obtain a power source for him but has to ask Dr. Iirene to move Kong to his homeworld to retrieve it.  But the problem becomes a, 'how do you move Kong across the world without engaging in a fight with Godzilla?' because they are two alpha titans.  And if that isn't the only problem, what are Apex really doing?

Now I'm going to be real honest here.  I am a completionist (or at least I try to be) and I would rather see films and TV shows when they start, seeing all the episodes or subsequent films before the current one.  In this case, Godzilla, Kong: Skull Island and Gozilla: King of Monsters.  The problem is, I only got to see 2 out of the 3 and I DID in fact attempt the last one but I fell asleep because I was tired.  But time ran short and out, so I couldn't see it before I saw this one.  But I thoroughly enjoyed this movie.  I didn't care for the human characters although they do help to ground the movie a little and give the audience/viewers a human connection, but for the most part, the human story was neither here or there because all we want to see are titans fighting!

And fight, they did.  Not even short fights too.  Lengthy fights with facial expressions and attitude.  Not to go into too much spoilers but there were a few fights and battles and they were all just great.  Whilst some things didn't make logical sense, scaling, weight, mass etc, who cares when two huge beasts are fighting each other, especially if you like them both, you just want to see who will win, right!? The studios spared no expense in the special effects.

Things like the score and soundtrack didn't really mean anything if I'm honest, but visually, the film is stunning, from the look of the monsters to the scenery and sights.  There are specific points in the movie that look stunning and I could only imagine the concept art and what they actually brought to screen.  In the final act, there were some stunning visuals with the scenes used there as well, bright colours and dark backdrops, but all in all, visually impressive.  If seeing big monsters fighting isn't your thing, then you wouldn't watch this anyway, but if it is, you definitely are going to and I don't see how you could possibly be disappointed with what they pull off here.  If you want to know about the humans and a human story, it's better you watch something else, whilst not terrible, not that relevant although they do somewhat push the plot a long a little for their own gain.  Have a watch, if you don't like it, let me know!


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