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(film review) [STREAMING] - Coming 2 America

I would like to start off by saying, absolutely nobody has been asking for this movie, 30 years later.  Coming to America is a classic and is of an era where not every film had to be a franchise.  What we are seeing of late, are movie stars from the 80's and 90's trying to make a comeback with their most popular IP!  Is it because these actors have hit hard times or is it because studios are trying to milk every successful IP dry with a rinse and repeat effect with the attitude, "well it worked and was successful before, let's just do that again".  Don't get me wrong at all, there is absolutely nothing wrong with trying new things, maybe seeing a script or project and working on it again, a reboot or reimagining of something, but the 80's was the 80's and the 90's was the 90's and there are specific films, in my humble opinion, that should not be touched...ever.  And for the most part those who do want to delve back into a successful project from back in the day, they need to know what they are doing.  Did the people behind Coming 2 America know what they were doing? Hmmm...

Prince Akeem Joffer is the soon to be King of Zamunda, married to his wife Lisa McDowell from Queen's New York and they have 3 daughters with the eldest "next in line" to rule Zamunda.  But after having a conversation with his father King Jaffe Joffer, Akeem realises he has no male heir as he is told, only a male heir can reign and continue the kingship when he passes.  Although he initially shrugs this off, Akeem is made aware of a child he has living in Queens and sets out on a journey to get his child and bring him back to teach him the ways of his culture and prep him to be the new prince of Zamunda.

Don't get me wrong, from my intro, you might think that I think this film is trash, it isn't, but do I feel the movie didn't need to be made, of course.  But what I will say is, in 20 years, this film might actually be deemed a classic for this current era, whom it appeals to and for those who thoroughly enjoyed it, but for me personally, it was just an ok movie.  Without going into too much details and potentially spoiling the movie, I feel where the first movie was a romantic comedy, this movie is just a comedy so the "funny" came first, rather than the "drama", does that make sense? Soo much time has gone by, Eddie Murphy, whilst in his character, I could not unsee Eddie as Akeem, but his other characters looked great.  They slap you in the face with nostalgia and EVERYONE is in this movie...EVERYONE.  Although it was delightful and warming to see some actors back after 30 years (essentially everyone) this movie felt aged.  The best way to explain that is, while it was great seeing John Amos and he has aged well for 81, but he's 81! A very stark contrast to him 30 years ago.  It was nice to see him in the film and still acting, standing and doing it well, it was just a reminder of life and how the first film was 30 years ago - I guess... mortality came to mind and it weirded me out a little, especially a specific scene with James Earl Jones, they ALL just look older and that's not a bad thing at all,  I guess I'm not ready to not see my favourite stars any more, you know.  Maybe if they spaced out the sequels for every 10 years, I'd feel different?  I felt there was overacting from the cast in an aid to make the film funny and the story, although ok at best, I just felt the movie was trying too hard to be funny.

But it's not all doom and gloom though as the music was great, even the covers (you'll know what I mean).  Some of the cameos and/or characters were great to see, but the costume design was immaculate.  Every design, every colour, fabric and stitch looked amazing.  Leslie Jones was fairly good, as well as Wesley Snipes (again killing it like he did in 'Dolemite is my Name' - also directed by Craig Brewer).  The very last scene I really enjoyed.  The two quiet moments were also great and possibly another scene, but overall, I think I would have been thoroughly disappointed had I paid money to go to the cinema to watch this.  I had low expectations and I feel this film just about met them.  Maybe if I watch it a few more times it might grow on me, but I'm not in any rush, I can wait.

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