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(trailer review) - Invincible

(First Look Trailer)

First of all! Whaaaaat!?!
I feel like these trailers are just nonchalantly appearing online.  Maybe it is because there is zero buzz for this and every time I see something, it knocks me back a little. When I say zero buzz, obviously there is some buzz, but with all the shows, podcasts, youtube channel's I watch/listen to and I've only heard ONE person mention it is kind of mad!  Everyone is talking WandaVision, but this!

Did they cut it so that it looked like someone flew through a bunch of people or.....did someone fly through a bunch of people? I'm a little shocked if I'm going to be honest with you.  A cartoon that seems to centre around a boy coming into his powers and wants to be like his dad and while he tries to navigate school, powers and living up to expectations, is his dad a bad guy, secretly or working for the bad guys? I mean, what? When is this dropping again? This trailer looks great.  The animation looks great and i especially LOVE the the 3rd person perspective shot.  I'm definitely down for a gritty cartoon like this.

Directed by Robert Kirkman and starring Steven Yeun, J. K. Simmons

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