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(trailer review) - Cosmic Sin

First of all, I know there are a bunch of Frank Grillo fans and possibly even more Bruce Willis fans like myself least I used to be.  I liked Frank from the Marvel films, but having seemingly bad-mouthed Marvel and having said some questionable things, race wise, I'm not too keen on him anymore.  I'd need to do some more research on the things he said but I don't care as much as I use to.  As for Bruce Willis, when was the last time he did some solid acting? At this rate it is well known and/or speculated that this guy has been phoning in his performances for his projects.  And in case you are unaware, the term "phoning it in" is used for actors who pretty much don't care about their role of the film they are in and are turning out a performance with minimal effort.  So with his films, where John McClane was one of my all time favourite characters in film, I pretty much don't care much for anything he does now, but this film looks ok, kinda.

So, it seems the premise of this film is that they discover hostile aliens on the other side of a space wormhole or space gate so humanity decide to travel through this gate to eliminate the aliens before they come through and kill those on earth.  Sounds ok.  The trailer looks alright but I'm wondering if anyone really cares at this rate?  It does look a little bit like a Netflix movie, special effects-wise and i guess having being spoiled with what Disney has to offer, does make other films pale in comparison.  With that said, I recently watched Space Sweepers and that was good and entertaining and the special effects were not really the issue i had with it.  Hopefully this turns out to be decent.

Directed by Edward Drake and starring Bruce Willis & Frank Grillo,


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