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(trailer review) - Army of the Dead

I've not seen a great amount of Zack Snyder's work.  I say that because I legit feel he has done a bunch of movies and I've seen just a few of them.  As I thought about the sentence you've just read, I looked up Zack's filmography and he has 17 films to his credit.  Six of those he has written or it was his story.  Four of those six, he has produced.  And three of that four I have seen.  Ok then.  So out of the initial six I mentioned that he has written, the 6th is this movie, the teaser trailer I'm reviewing, but he has directed two out that and I've seen those two.  So, I guess I'll start again. I've not seen a great amount of Zack Snyder's work, so I had initially thought, but out of the 17 films to his credit, whether written produced or directed, I've seen 11, not to mention the 4 which are unreleased.  So, that's 11 out of 13!!! Believe me guys, I didn't realise I was such a fan of his work, like really, I actually did surprise

(trailer review) - Mortal Kombat

Red Band Trailer - Please note adult themed material. I will try to make this trailer review short, but I am of an age that was alive and playing computer/video games when Mortal Kombat came out.  It was a game that was meant to divert attention from Street Fighter II back in the day.  Something different and challenging.  I got the first Mortal Kombat game on my, hmmm....I want to say Super Nintendo, having rented it from Blockbuster video and I loved it.  Ok, details are a bit fuzzy, I did rent A Mortal Kombat from there, it might have been 3, but the point is, I was alive and played the game which also meant I enjoyed it, bought Mortal Kombat 2 and watched the movie also.  Whilst the movie was terrible, It was nowhere close to as terrible the Street Fighter movie was, which was also nowhere close to how terrible the Super Mario Brothers movie was.  I say all of that to say this, having played these games, seen these terrible movies (although Mortal Kombat is the more superior out of

(trailer review) - Invincible

( First Look Trailer ) First of all! Whaaaaat!?! I feel like these trailers are just nonchalantly appearing online.  Maybe it is because there is zero buzz for this and every time I see something, it knocks me back a little. When I say zero buzz, obviously there is some buzz, but with all the shows, podcasts, youtube channel's I watch/listen to and I've only heard ONE person mention it is kind of mad!  Everyone is talking WandaVision, but this! Did they cut it so that it looked like someone flew through a bunch of people or.....did someone fly through a bunch of people? I'm a little shocked if I'm going to be honest with you.  A cartoon that seems to centre around a boy coming into his powers and wants to be like his dad and while he tries to navigate school, powers and living up to expectations, is his dad a bad guy, secretly or working for the bad guys? I mean, what? When is this dropping again? This trailer looks great.  The animation looks great and i

(trailer review) - Cruella

Disney seem to be on this journey where they want to go back to their old movies and not only remake them to look more realistic like Lady and the Tramp, Dumbo, Aladdin and The Lion King, but they are also plucking out famous villains from their past to make movies about them and how they came to be. Disney is a well oiled machine at this point and whilst not everything they do is great, you are looking at a good 75-88% of nothing but great content.  So when I heard about Cruella, I knew i never cared for it as I never cared about 101 Dalmatians, but if the trailer is good and grabs me, then I guess it would be worth the watch. This trailer didn't do anything for me at all.  Whilst Emma Stone looks amazing, she just reminded me of Helen Bonham Carter more than anything.  Cruella was giving me Harley Quinn vibes and that whole Magic thing she does with the flames in the ball room, I'm not buying it.  I do like the heist vibe I'm getting from the trailer but other than that,

(film review) - Judas and the Black Messiah

This guy can do no wrong!  To whom do I speak of?  Ryan? Lakeith? Daniel? At this rate, it is a matter of rephrasing that sentence to, these guys can do no wrong!  Although Ryan Coogler was not the director and he has been the director of such great, great movies like, Fruitvale Station, Creed, Black Panther and these are the ONLY 3 movies he has directed, Ryan was the producer of this movie so he helped to make it happen.  For only directing 3 short films then 3 major full-length films which have catapulted Ryan into the stratosphere to be approached and to sign a 5 year deal with Disney, speaks volumes even the deaf can hear.  3 for 3? Ryan is Talented! Lakeith, such a talented actor! First noted to me by his role in the film 'Get Out' ALSO starring Daniel Kaluuya, such a well written movie, well acted movie and not only did it put Lakeith more on the map, but also gave him more opportunities to act in more roles as this guy IS simply great at his job.  Unfortunately where I

(trailer review) - The Falcon and the Winter Soldier

( Exclusive First Look ) So, it's Super Bowl time and usually we would be inundated with trailers hitting you left, right and centre with nothing but trailers we've seen before, new trailers for films we are interested or hyped about and trailers for projects we never knew existed.  Strangely enough and with good reason, there isn't much going on here tis year, but Marvel have decided to release another 'The Falcon and the Winter Soldier trailer and it looks good. If I'm going to be real honest, I believe the first trailer had me hyped, and it's not that this one looks boring or lacklustre, I just want to see it to be honest.  The needle moved up, slightly in my antocipation for this TV series.  Im loving the banter between The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, buddy cop, Another 48 hours TV show set within the Marvel Cinematic Universe, after the events of 'The Snappinging' and these two are out to try and save the world from a guy who wants to see the wor

(film review) [STREAMING] - Malcolm & Marie

This was a surprising film in many ways.  To learn about, as I never knew about this film until it was a few weeks from being upon us.  The actors involved, one hot off of a Christopher Nolan movie which was more of a mind-twist than anything and another who was noted for her brilliant performance in a TV show also directed by Sam Levinson, Tenet and Euphoria respectively.  I'm not a romantic movie-goer either, so this movie didn't really strike me as a must see, but having these two great actors, I thought I'd give it a whirl.  And how was the movie? Well...from the trailer, a little of what I expected, but also, not. I'll explain. Malcolm (John David Washington) is a black film writer-director in the industry who arrives home with his girlfriend, Marie (Zendeya) after his film premier screening.  Glowing and on a natural high from the emotional responses and feedback from the screening, Malcolm waits in anticipation for the critical reviews but when he notices his gir

(trailer review) - Cosmic Sin

First of all, I know there are a bunch of Frank Grillo fans and possibly even more Bruce Willis fans like myself least I used to be.  I liked Frank from the Marvel films, but having seemingly bad-mouthed Marvel and having said some questionable things, race wise, I'm not too keen on him anymore.  I'd need to do some more research on the things he said but I don't care as much as I use to.  As for Bruce Willis, when was the last time he did some solid acting? At this rate it is well known and/or speculated that this guy has been phoning in his performances for his projects.  And in case you are unaware, the term "phoning it in" is used for actors who pretty much don't care about their role of the film they are in and are turning out a performance with minimal effort.  So with his films, where John McClane was one of my all time favourite characters in film, I pretty much don't care much for anything he does now, but this film looks ok, kinda. So, it

(trailer review) - Coming 2 America

( Official Trailer ) The reservations I had regarding this film was the retreading of the same kind of jokes.  Having all the characters back to just have them back and banking on the nostalgia rather than delivering a great film and a great story.  Whilst the first trailer gave us a snippet of what this movie could be about, Prince Akeem returning to America to look for a son he never knew he had, who will inherit the throne, but it has now been revealed in this new trailer that there might be some sibling rivalry as the daughter, being Zamunda born, feels she has more claim to the throne than some absent child from America.  But as it seems, Zamunda is only ruled by male heirs, that would place Akeem in a difficult position to cater for his two children whilst having some parenting to do and making the right choice with touch decisions. The idea of this is decent and I'm sure they will touch on some proper issues we deal with in everyday life as parents.  The trailer though, was

(trailer review) - The Nevers

Now this looks interesting and seems to be more up my street.  While there is a little hype around Bridgerton and the goings on on that show, this...what looks like Victorian superheroes seems like it might actually be fairly decent. The draw back I naturally have about shows set in this time, is the lack of people of colour or people of colour with high status, but that fireball near the end was good and the black man sounded slightly Jamaican, although I could be wrong. I also like the fat that there are women front and centre for the most part, but let's see some more superpowers and asskickery Directed by Joss Whedon and starring Olivia Williams, James Norton, Tom Riley, Ann Skelly, Ben Chaplin, Pip Torrens, Amy Manson, Nick Frost, Eleanor Tomlinson, Denis O'Hare, Zackary Momoh

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