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(trailer review) - Malcolm & Marie

I only found out about this movie a few days ago but I was unable to watch the trailer at the time.  The only thing I could remember about the trailer were the two actors, John David Washington and Zendeya.  I was hearing a little buzz about the movie so I looked for the trailer and watched it.

The film looks like it stars only two people, John David Washington and Zendeya throughout it all.  It seems very claustrophobic, intimate and centered in one place, their home on a single evening.  From the trailer, it seems they will be going head to head fighting each other regarding the truths of their relationship and where they see each other in it.  It looks like it will be very emotional evoking a lot of patterns and conversations that have tested relationships through the ages.  Let's see if they will survive the night because it could end tragically.  This film looks like the acting is as gorgeous as the film being shot in Black and White or at least this trailer.  They both produced it too, nice.  It will be an interesting watch.

Directed by and Starring Zendeya and John David Washington


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