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(trailer review) - Locked Down

I saw this pop up in my notifications and when I read the title, I can assure you, I was not pleased.  Today is the 5th January 2021.  This time last year, I was reeling from a great New Years party and prepping for my holiday mid February 2020.  There has not been a New Years party into this new year.  I haven't been able to book a holiday, so there has been no preparation for another holiday and as I was on furlough when I got back from my last holiday for several months until November, there has been a Tier system and a few more lockdowns since.  As of yesterday, we have gone into a Nationwide lockdown and I can assure you, I was NOT going to watch this trailer because, why?  Have I not been tortured enough?
After, losing my days work, in frustration (I guess), I decided to click "play" on this trailer because obviously I'm a glutton for punishment.  But this trailer, this premise, LOVED IT!

You see, I loved how the trailer started off.  It mirrored EVERYTHING we have been going through over the last 9 months - being stuck with your significant other, driving each other mad, furlough, uncertainty of jobs or what is going on with the virus and then the trailer does a complete 180.  Everything before the switch, I could definitely relate so if the trailer was going to show me more of what we have been going through, I was NOT going to watch the movie at all, but the heist gripped me! Like I said earlier, I loved it!  The fact that they seem to be barely getting on due to constantly being around each other, then decide to team up to carry out a diamond heist in the middle of a pandemic is sheer brilliance.  It's just a wonder on how we are going to get to watch it now as the UK doesn't have HBOMax.  #Yawn

Directed by Doug Liman and starring Chiwetel Ejiofor, Ben Stiller, Stephen Merchant, Dulé Hill, Jazmyn Simon, Mark Gatiss, Mindy Kaling, Ben Kingsley & Lucy Boynton


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