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(trailer review) - Invincible

This was announced some time ago and I completely forgot about it until this morning.  I know nothing about it, nothing.  Maybe more than some of you reading when I say, all I know know is that it is based on a comic book AND it's a cartoon AND the person behind it is the person behind The Walking Dead TV series and the spinoffs, but that's all I know!

This First Look Clip is cool.  Just a father and his son playing catch ACROSS THE WORLD, but the father, obviously with superhuman abilities is teaching his son who has doubts about being a superhero, trying to reassure him that being a superhero, using his abilities and pushing through any doubt, he will be alright.

I'm not sure about the animation style although it does look very sharp and crisp and I liked the fade and blurred background, but I'm not fully understanding as to why this is an adult cartoon.  I didn't see the earlier teaser trailer so I'm a bit lost.  Maybe another trailer would help clear this up.

Directed by Robert Kirkman and starring Steven Yeun, J. K. Simmons


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