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(trailer review) - The Equalizer

To say this trailer took me by surprise is definitely an understatement.  I was taken more about by Queen Latifah starring in something as I've not seen her in anything of recent.  I believe it might have been two days ago or a day ago when I saw the thumbnail to this.  I didn't get to watch the trailer until now and to be honest, colour me very intrigued.

For the most part, The Equalizer is a very old show from back in the day in which I believe my granddad used to watch. Some white guy, I'd need to Google it, but I remember he used to stand by his car in a black coat.  I may have even watched a few episodes, it was cool.
A few years ago, Denzel Washington was in a film of the same name and I enjoyed it.  There was a sequel, but I didn't get to watch that one as it didn't seem it had the same spark as the first one as seen in the trailers, however, this on the other hand, has a nice trailer.  I'm just hoping it's just as good.

I'll tell you something though, let this be within the same universe as the Denzel Washington film version and I'M ALL THE WAY INVOLVED.  Something like a John Wick and the rumoured 'The Continental' series.  Come on, let's have it!!!

As long as it is good of course.

Directed by Andrew Marlowe & Terri Miller and starring Queen Latifah, Chris Noth, Lorraine Toussaint, Liza Lapira, Tory Kittles & Adam Goldberg.


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