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(trailer review) - Loki

I'll put it to you plainly.  This looks boring.  I mean a show with JUST Loki and no interaction with Thor? I'm not sure if I buy it.  It's their dynamic that works, but with that said, Loki may just work around other great supporting cast as long as this guy is causing mayhem or at least trying to bring world domination.

From the trailer, I got a 'New Mutants' vibe with Loki trying to escape the TVA, but as I know nothing about them, I'm hoping a proper trailer gives us that bit more to be invested.  I like the explosions and fights scenes, but I'm just hoping this series wasn't just done as some any odd show to slide into the MCU, do nothing and then collect dust.  It's lacking that umph.

Directed by Kate Herron and starring Tom Hiddleston, Owen Wilson


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