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(trailer review) - X-Men: The Animated Series (1990's)

This is a slightly strange review because this is NOT a new show, however, it IS a new trailer!  Disney are labelling it the Unofficial Official Trailer.  Having grown up on various animated cartoons such as The Animaniacs, Reboot, He-Man, Galaxy High and even Gummy Bears, shows like Spider-Man and X-Men were at the very top of my to-watch list because it was comics and it was very cool.  I loved Reboot because that was computers and gaming, but Spider-Man and X-Men were a different beast altogether. Loved them!  I watched a lot of both series but slowly fell off the Spider-Man one when the X-Men and Ironman started to get invoved for reasons unknown.  With that said, I never watched any other Marvel related cartoons.

The trailer for the X-Men though is sooo damn Iconic, it is definitely a little strange to learn of and hear a totally different trailer that doesn't sing out like it's predecessor.  they've used different visuals and I can't put my finger on it, but at the beginning seems/feels more story driven centred around a singular character then the meat and potatoes of the trailer drops, rather than back in the 90's, a type of "flash card" of whom the characters are first and some fight scenes.

When I got Disney Plus "LATE!" because the entirety of Europe had to wait until March 2020 unlike our US cousin's whom received Disney Plus in November 2019 (poor marketing strategy if you ask me), I watched back-to-back 90's Spider-Man and back-to-back, 90's X-Men and I loved it.  Most episodes previously seen.  Still love me an Apocalypse monologue.  What wouldn't at all hurt, would be a redesign of these cartoons to todays graphical standards (possibly a voice recast where necessary) and a remake/retelling of the same stories beat for beat. Maybe perhaps continuing with a few more episodes thrown in for good measure.  I'm pretty sure fans will lap that up! I sure would.


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