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(trailer review) - IP Man: Kung Fu Master

When I first saw the name of this trailer, my initial response was, "another IP Man???" I possibly sighed in my head and then I decided to watch the trailer.  I'm definitely NOT interested in another IP Man movie.  I''m sure it went up to IP Man 4.  But from when Mike Tyson was in one of them, I lost all interest. 1 and 2 were good, but I didn't get a chance to see 3.

So I'm watching the trailer and I'm looking for Donnie Yen and I cannot see him.  I kept wondering as to why they were focusing on the new donnie (london slang for geezer) and I kept thinking, maybe he would show up later.  He didn't.  Then the trailer said something about "A New Vision of Bruce Lee's Legendary Mentor", is when the pin dropped.  They must be making bank to have another IP Man movie.

Although, I'm not interested.  Although this new donnie replacing the old Donnie Yen and for the fact it has a bunch of people in suits with Hatchet Axes (taking a leaf out of Kung Fu Hustle, I MIGHT be swayed into watching this, as I do like Martial Arts/Kung Fu movies.  It's just a little upsetting not seeing Donnie Yen in that role.

Directed by Liming Li and starring Yu-Hang To, Michael Wong, Wanliruo Xin


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