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(trailer review) - Dreamland

Watching this trailer reminded me of Queen & Slim in a way.  And although, very different in many ways, I couldn't help but think of two people on the run like Themla and Louise and think of that great movie.  It seems it will have some real dramatic and heartfelt moments with a story or narrative in which most of us can relate to.  However, I just couldn't relate to this time era where with Queen and Slim I could.

That is not to say that I wouldn't watch this movie because I couldn't relate to the time era as Margot Robbie is a tremendous actor.  I felt immediately when watching this trailer, the Harley Quinn mischief and mayhem of the character (or more mayhem) and how this seems to be a hardened, yet vulnerable character who has done things to stay alive because of a troubled past.  I could be wrong but that is ultimately what I got from this official trailer and it would be interesting what another trailer might detail as I missed the initial one last month.

Directed by Miles Joris-Peyrafitte and starring Finn Cole,Margot Robbie,Travis Fimmel,Kerry Condon,Darby Camp,Lola Kirke


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