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(film review) [STREAMING] - Borat Subsequent Moviefilm: Delivery of Prodigious Bribe to American Regime for Make Benefit Once Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan

I almost died when I watched the first Borat movie.  I'm aware that this is an expression and even though I am using it in such context, I was legit trying to catch my breath.  There was a scene where Borat has a fight with his friend and they are naked in a Hotel.  Chaos ensues and I found it absolutely hilarious that I was crying and trying to breath and struggling.  When I approached watching this sequel, I feel that, maybe I rushed it.  I had a plan to set up with my Nachos and dip the second day it came out and I ended up being too tired to watch.  I tried again in the week but again, too tired to watch.  So eventually, I decided to watch it and although I know how funny the character Borat is, I feel I should not have rushed watching this, set aside 5 hours over a day or 2 and watched the first movie again just to prep myself for the sequel.  Maybe, just maybe, I'll edit this a little later having watched the first one again then the second, but although this movie was good and maybe it is due to not being able to catch lightening in a bottle, TWICE, or maybe I forced it or was tired or not in the mood, I just felt that this sequel was good, but nowhere as good as the first one.

The movie takes place 14 years after the original and Borat has been locked up for the shame he brought to Kazakhstan.  To regain his freedom and not be executed, Borat must again travel to America and gift his daughter to someone in a position of power or authority.  Once in America, Borat has to teach his daughter how to be like an American woman but to also keep the core values that all Kazakhstan women have grown up on.

First off, as if you didn't know, this film is WILD!  Sacha, although a comedian and also a character actor, this guy is fearless.  I understand that, in certain situations, he had to wear a bulletproof vest because this guy will tow the line of pushing people to the very edge and considering this film has taken a 6 months to 9 months to complete, within the world we are living in now and the strange climate with the Corona Virus and socially distancing, this guy has pulled off such a feat when you also factor in the racial tension and presidency.  Fearless!!!

The lady who play his daughter, equally fearless and she ultimately steals the show from being a young unassuming woman who will do whatever her father wants because she loves her father, to then realising that her father could be wrong in the things he says, does and practices.  The film is more about their bond but also the corruption within America and the brainwashing or should I say, the views of the American people.  There is a hilarious scene with them both doing a dance in front of people and it is hilarious.

I found this film charming at times, hilarious at moments and some of the gags were soo soo good.  Finding out before the movie came out there was backlash, was definitely no surprise to me, of course there would be, this guy pokes the bear, but to understand where he is going with this, is to shine a light on the American people.  To shine a light on the democrats and republicans or the American people and their ideologies and whom they follow.  How some of the values, teachings and such that our fathers and their fathers have been taught, to break the generational teachings and adapting to the new age.  For example, there were 3 white guys Borat stayed with who were alright people.  They were honest and upfront, but some of their views were skewed.  But to also have Borat in their home, a blatant foreigner, meant they didn't really care for him being foreign, you know but they stuck strong to their views.  There is no manual on how to live your life for you and your family.  Moreover, some of the things we do in life are wrong.  the views we have are wrong or how we act towards people are wrong and sometimes people will not know any better because it is all they know.  I feel this movie challenges you to look at yourself and the people around you.  I also believe the book in the movie the daughter carries plays a huge role in society now.

It's definitely something to watch and Sacha a very clever and talented man, but I will let you know that there are a few bits in the trailer which are NOT in the movie as he has tried his best to get this movie out before the voting happened and had likely made some edits to keep with the flow of the movie.  Let's just hope what he set out to do wasn't in vain and if anything, at least it was a enjoyable movie to watch.


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