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(trailer review) - Animaniacs

I immediately thought about writing a review as soon as I saw this trailer.  I'm not sure if it is because it's the Animaniacs and I used to like the show when I was younger or what, so, I didn't even think about if it would fall within what I have been doing for the past year or so.  It's a new TV series.  It's a cartoon.  I guess I can.  And you know what? I'm happy!

There isn't much to say about this trailer, although I remember the Animaniacs when I was younger, may have watched a few episodes, but I can't especially remember being a die-hard fan.  Although I have a Wacko Bumper-Car Toothbrush stand

The gags are there.  The Animation just looks perfect!  It's old-school but renewed without taking away the artistic integrity of the original drawings.  There were a few smiley jokes, like when Dot whacks the Warner Brothers with a huge mallet and says, "...I'm still a knock out", that made me smile.  But the two funniest moments from the trailer to me were, when Yacko (the one with the brown trousers/pants) swallows a handheld Tablet after being told it hold all the information he'll ever need (or something like that), he gets electrocuted and then starts talking about things that have progressed in pop-culture over the years since The Animaniacs stopped their run all them years ago.  Very Funny! But the kicker for me, was when Dot in an empty looking room says "turn on the black light", the light switches on and the seemingly empty room is now seen with plenty of black people partying.  HILARIOUS!!!  I'm not going to lie, at first I thought it was a racist joke, but I very quickly understood the cleverness of the gag.  I did make sure to replay that bit a few times to see if there were any troublesome stereotypes, but it was great. I laughed until tears every time I rewatched it.  Needless to say, I'm going to find a way to watch this as it is on Hulu...sigh!  Poor England and our lack of programming unlike our cousins in the US.


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