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(film review) [STREAMING] - The Trial of the Chicago 7

  I wasn't sure what I was getting into when I started watching this.  I had no idea about the cast, I had no idea about the story, I had no idea what it was all about and I just felt initially it was some Central Park Five "rip-off" of sorts and having not known this movie was based on a real thing that had occurred in real life, I was pleasantly taken aback once I got into the movie.  You see, I'm not an American and in school, they were quick to teach us about slavary, Christopher Columbus, Henry and his many women and a few plagues and the great fire of London, but not real life events such as the Tulsa Race Massacre, the Central Park 5 or The Trial of the Chicago 7.  In 2020, even more truths are being unearthed in media like films and TV series such as Lovecraft Country, so I do find it despicable that there are generations and generations of people, not only black, who do not know what has happened in history, because these events have been for the most part, u

(trailer review) - Ma Rainey's Black Bottom

It was only the other day I found out about this movie.  Correction and let me rephrase, I heard about this movie possibly late last year or early this year, but it was only the other day I was reminded about this movie.  Technically I knew nothing about it other than Chadwick Boseman being in it as the last film he would do, but I had forgotten about that and when his death came, my thoughts were over-shadowed by my feelings of how we lost such a great man, what would happen to one of his most iconic characters, Black Panther and where do we go from here? So even if I did look to see what his last film may have been at that time, as I knew it wasn't Da 5 Bloods, I was caught up in his death for a few weeks so being reminded about this movie was a delight but also very bitter sweet. Having now seen the trailer and having watched every episode of 'How to get away with murder', I have noticed the greatness in acting calibre that is Viola Davis, so from the jump, I knew this w

(trailer review) - Animaniacs

I immediately thought about writing a review as soon as I saw this trailer.  I'm not sure if it is because it's the Animaniacs and I used to like the show when I was younger or what, so, I didn't even think about if it would fall within what I have been doing for the past year or so.  It's a new TV series.  It's a cartoon.  I guess I can.  And you know what? I'm happy! There isn't much to say about this trailer, although I remember the Animaniacs when I was younger, may have watched a few episodes, but I can't especially remember being a die-hard fan.  Although I have a Wacko Bumper-Car Toothbrush stand The gags are there.  The Animation just looks perfect!  It's old-school but renewed without taking away the artistic integrity of the original drawings.  There were a few smiley jokes, like when Dot whacks the Warner Brothers with a huge mallet and says, "...I'm still a knock out", that made me smile.  But the two funnies

(series review) - Lovecraft Country

I heard about this show and I don't know what I was doing/watching at the time (many things I'm sure), but for some reason I got onto this show well late and spent a couple days binge watching to catch up.  The show started in August and I'm sure I got into it mid-late September after I kept hearing how good it was.  And were the stories true? Yes and definitely YES!!! You see, this show is about a man named Atticus Freeman, a Korean war veteran who arrives in Chicago to see his family.  He is given a letter which is from his missing father asking him to travel across Jim Crow America to find out about his heritage.  Upon this journey, as well as trying to avoid racist attacks from white America, Atticus, his uncle George and George's friend Letitia, set on a road trip that leads them to hidden societies, family secrets, monsters and legacy that will change Atticus' life forever.  In the mix of all of this, Atticus's Aunt Hippolyta and Leti's older sister Ru

(series review) [STREAMING] - The Boys: Season 2

So last year, we were taken aback by two major superhero TV shows.  You would have thought the world had Superhero Fatigue, but in all honesty, us superhero content lovers simply are not tired from the movies and many other TV shows there is out there, but we do want something different, something a bit more edgy, something more adult and we got it with Umbrella Academy season 1 and The Boys season 1. Having looked into my crystal ball or having been told by a future version of myself that had travelled back in time, I knew to take up reviewing TV series and trailers because the year 2020 was going to be a colossal mess.  I only took that up around November of last year so, with that said, this review will be a little longer just to recap the events of season 1 which came months before I started.  I will try not to give away too many spoilers for those who still have not watched. The world of The Boys is set in a world where Superheroes are real.  They are the ultimate crime fighters w

(trailer review) - The 355

*Insert 90's movie trailer voice* From the studio that brought you Jason Bourne.  Unfortunately, this trailer feels lacking and I'm not quite sure what it is.  I'd like to see it but the trailer for Jason Bourne had more fighting in it I'm sure.  Or maybe it seemed more high-octane.  There was a small small explosion in the trailer and Jessica rapels down to the lower floor but, show me something cool like bigger stunts or more of that motorbike chase.  So essentially, Oceans 8 meets extraction and a touch of Mission Impossible.  The climbing on the outside of the building is definitely a call out to Ghost Protocol though and I like that.  I feel like saying from the studio that brought you Jason Bourne has skewed my view before I even started getting into it. I just don't know.  I just don't want this to be a Charlies Angels as this definitely has potential and I'm loving the diversity, I mean, Lupita is black and British.  Representation matters.  It feels

(trailer review) - The Witches

I can honestly tell you that I haven't the foggiest to, if I remember reading the Roald Dahl book 'The Witches'.  I remember 'The BFG' and 'Matilda', I may have even read 'James and the Giant Peach' but The Witches, not a clue.  I liked his books too.  However, having watched this trailer, it looks like the book may have been a fun read as this trailer looks really really good. First off for me was Chris Rock, it sounded like him narrating.  I actually don't mind his voice as a Narrator as he has been in animation with voiceover work and he IS really good.  Secondly, Octavia Spencer.  Having just recently seen 'Ma' which was decent but sinister and with voice work in 'Onward' and 'Dolittle', she's really getting some good roles.  Thirdly, last but not least, Anne 'you silly woman, why did you go for the data!?' Hathaway (I'm only now slowly forgiving her for what she did in Interstellar ), she is looking an

(trailer review) - Free Guy

( Original Trailer ) I remember seeing the first trailer to this almost a while year ago and it seemed cool, however with some really crazy and laugh out loud bits in it, not something that seemed amazing though, if you know what I mean.  It didn't show enough.  It gave me the impression of a man (NPC - Non Playable Character) in a game world (kind of like Wreck-It Ralph) and he has become a "Free-Thinker" and goes out to live a different life from the samey samey mundane world he's known to love but has now become bored of his role in it. This trailer, 10 months later gives us just that little bit more.  More Lil Rel, more actual player dynamics, more action, more story and more comedy.  The part where he gets hit by the two cars is still hilarious.  The more I watch the trailer, it literally reminds me of a film version of the Grand Theft Auto game series by Rockstar and how sometimes in a lobby (or most times to be fair) it is actual pandemonium.  Low flying planes

(trailer review) - Borat Subsequent Moviefilm: Delivery of Prodigious Bribe to American Regime for Make Benefit Once Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan

First of all, I would be lying if I said I wasn't interested in watching this movie.  The first one, even though I didn't go into the story or any details much, due to spoilers of course, I can tell you that I laughed soo hard that I found it soo difficult to breathe whist tears was streaming down my face.  The movie was THAT funny.  Considering the film is 14 years old, it was the scene where Borat was fighting his friend naked in the hotel.  I DIED.  Simply watching this trailer for the sequel, the line where he says to the police officer "Only man and bears are allowed inside car" is just hilarious! I honestly feel, there will be MORE insane moments like the wrestling fight with his friend i the first one and more outrageous things said, like in the middle where he says, "did you ever put one inside your daughter" referencing a baby.  There is nothing much more to say other than the trailer speaks loudly for itself and I hope we all get to see this before

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